Kitchen Cabinet Interiors From eKitchens

Choosing the Best Finish For Your Cabinets

20 April 2018

When you’re renovating your kitchen, there seem to be endless choices when it comes to colour.

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Keeping Your Kitchen Clean By eKitchens

How to Effortlessly Keep Your Kitchen Clean

13 April 2018

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and this unfortunately mean that mess and clutter in this space is pretty obvious.

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Colourful Kitchen Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

Top 4 2018 Colour Trends For Your Kitchen Cabinets

6 April 2018

For a tired looking kitchen, it often doesn’t take a full renovation to inject some life back into the space.

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Red Kitchen Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Flat Pack Kitchen

30 March 2018

One of the biggest decisions you need to make when renovating your kitchen is which option you’re going to choose for your cabinets.

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Kitchen Pantrys Tips By eKitchens In Perth

Top 5 Tips for Organising Your Kitchen Pantry

16 March 2018

We all have good intentions when it comes to keeping our pantry organised but it’s easier said than done.

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Kitchen Floor Plan By Ekitchens In Perth

Custom Kitchens Perth: How to Measure Up Correctly

9 March 2018

Custom flat pack cabinets are a great option for your kitchen – you get the bene

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Red Kitchen Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

How to Choose the Right Colour For Your Cabinet Doors

2 March 2018

If you’re looking to invest in some new cabinet doors, the most important decision

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Installing Flat Packed Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

Flat Pack Kitchens in Perth: Making Installation Easy

26 February 2018

Whether you’ve had a bad experience in the past with a flat pack disaster or are new to the world of DIY and feeling a little apprehensiv

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A Colourful Kitchen In Perth

Kitchen Design Ideas: 2018 Colour Inspiration

16 February 2018

Colour trends change over time and we’re set to see some exciting colour trends for kitchens in 2018.

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Kitchen Renovations On A Budget By Ekitchens In Perth

Tips for Managing Kitchen Renovations on a Tight Budget

9 February 2018

Like many people, you may dream of updating your kitchen but are worried that the cost will get out of hand.

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Modern Laminated Kitchen Cabinets In Perth

4 Benefits of Modern Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

2 February 2018

Things have certainly changed since the days of the old laminate benchtops and countertops which were often made even worse by questionab

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New Year Kitchen Cabinet Ideas From Ekitchens in Perth

New Year, New Kitchen – How to Get Started with Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

26 January 2018

It’s difficult to fit in those DIY projects over the busy festive season but now that the new year has arrived, it’s the perfect time to

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Keeping A Modern Kitchen Clean In Perth

Organising Kitchen Cabinets: More Clever Tips

12 January 2018

We’ve all been in a situation where we continue to haphazardly throw things in the k

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A Clean & Tidy Modern Benchtop In Perth

Kitchen Ideas for a Clutter-Free Kitchen Benchtop

5 January 2018

Our kitchen benchtops often seem to be a breeding ground for clutter and freque

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Ekitchens Flat Packed Kitchen Cabinets In Perth

Top 5 Benefits to Choosing Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

28 December 2017

Whether you’re thinking of updating your kitchen cabinets or going for a full scale

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A Kitchen Renovation In Perth

Preparing for Your Kitchen Renovations In Perth

26 December 2017

After you’ve put so much effort into thinking about your new kitchen, it’s easy for actual date of your renovation to sneak up on you.

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A Modern Kitchen With White Cabinets In Perth

4 Reasons Why White Kitchen Cabinets Are an Awesome Choice

15 December 2017

These days, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to

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Kitchen Cabinets And Wardrobes In Perth

Using Kitchen Wardrobes and Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

8 December 2017

It’s obvious that we need cabinets in the kitchen – how else could you possibly store and organise everything?

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Kitchen Cabinets For Storage Tips In Perth

Organising Kitchen Cabinets: Storage Tips and Ideas for Cabinets

1 December 2017

Let’s be honest – sometimes our kitchen cabinets can be a mess.

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Kitchen Guide: Feng Shui Tips

28 November 2017

Feng shui is based on the idea that your living space reflects your life and it’s all about bringing harmony and balance to your home.

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