4 Reasons Why White Kitchen Cabinets Are an Awesome Choice

15 December 2017
A Modern Kitchen With White Cabinets In Perth

These days, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet colours and you can get as creative as you like. However, despite the seemingly endless range of options, white continues to be the most popular choice. If you’re thinking of updating your tired looking cabinets but are worried that white cabinets will leave your kitchen looking a little bland, let’s take a look at why white kitchen cabinets are a great choice for your new kitchen.

1.Looks great with every style

Whether you’re after an ultra-modern look or prefer a more traditional feel, white cabinetry works perfectly with every style due to their timeless look. This also means that you don’t need to worry about your new cabinets clashing with the rest of your house – they will blend in seamlessly while also adding a fresh, bright feel. White cabinets also mean that if you decide you want to change up your kitchen styling after a few years, you don’t need to worry about your cabinets suddenly looking out of place.

2.Opens up the space

We all want that open, airy feel in our kitchens and white cabinets are the perfect option to create a sense of light and space. Light will reflect off the surfaces of your cabinets so natural light in the area will be enhanced. If you have a smaller kitchen or have a space which doesn’t get much natural light, white cabinets are the perfect choice and you’ll be amazed at how much bigger and brighter the area looks once they’re in.

3.Allows for colour creativity

Just because you choose white cabinets doesn’t mean you can’t have some colour. White cabinets are the ultimate neutral choice so will perfectly compliment any colour you choose. Whether you want to have a feature wall, are choosing brightly coloured splashbacks or are simply adding some coloured accessories, you can be confident that your colour choices won’t clash with the cabinets. As something different, you could even choose white as the main colour for your cabinetry but opt for a contrasting colour with your overhead cabinets.

4.Wider appeal

People love the timelessness and easy maintenance that comes with white cabinetry which makes them the perfect choice if you want to appeal to a wider audience. Whether you’re updating your rental property or are looking to sell in the next few years, white cabinets are a smart choice as you’re very unlikely to come across anyone who’s put off by your neutral look.

If you’re looking for neutral cabinets for your new kitchen, eKitchens can help. We provide high quality, customised cabinets to fit in with your new space. We also have over 200 colours and finishes on offer if white’s not your thing. Our cabinets are easily assembled for the DIY home renovator and include soft closing hardware as standard.

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