5 Reasons to Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets Perth over standard flat pack cabinets?

28 November 2022

While you are renovating, whether it is a full-scale renovation or just a small update to your existing kitchen, changing your kitchen cabinetry can be a very big decision and make a big impact on the new look. There are many reasons you may require this renovation and this will affect all your choices down the track. 

Some reasons you may need to replace your kitchen cabinetry could be; 

  • Water damage – this can be serious for kitchen cabinets. Usually, cabinets are highly moisture resistant and can resist the daily use of a kitchen, however, if you have a mini flood or any other large water accident, water damage can take hold and lead to smelly cupboards and mould. 
  • Not functional – sometimes previous owners may have designed a kitchen to suit their needs, but this does not mean it is going to work for you. This may be the case if you purchase a house with poorly designed kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen is not functional, replace it with a new one designed just for you! 
  • Wear and tear – just like everything, nothing lasts forever. Kitchens can last many decades, but that doesn’t mean it is immune to the daily wear and tear and sometimes the damage can get to the point where no amount of repairs or ‘refacing’ will fix it. 
  • Upgrading other parts of the kitchen – you don’t have to rip everything out and start from scratch! Sometimes if your cabinetry looks dated or the kitchen is too small, you can keep some parts and replace others. A custom kitchen will assist with this for the reasons below. 

At the beginning of your renovation plans, you will need to decide whether you are going for a custom-made or prefabricated (standard sizes) option. 

Here we discuss 5 reasons why choosing custom kitchen cabinets in Perth may be your best option. 


Made to fit your space

 When ordering your new kitchen cabinets, if you choose to go down the standard flat pack cabinet route, you will be forced to work with what can be provided. When designing your new kitchen, it may be difficult to fit enough storage space in if you have an awkwardly small space. 

By ordering custom kitchen cabinets, you won’t be constrained by these set sizes and would be able to make the cabinets work to fit your space – not the other way around. This means less stress and a way better design! Utilise the space you have and don’t waste money on wasted space. Custom kitchen cabinets will allow you to get the most out of the space you have and maximise your kitchen's potential. 


Reduce modifications onsite 

Similar to the above, when you order set-size cabinets, you will need to fit whatever you can into your space. This means A LOT of onsite modifications, as you will need to fill that wasted space with filler panels of all different sizes or modify cabinets. Doing this, your costs could add up to be even more once you have calculated the filler panel and installation costs (time and tools mainly!). 

Using custom kitchen cabinets your cabinets will come already manufactured to suit the space that you have available. This means you would need to do minimal cut-downs and cabinet modifications onsite. Saving you money and time in the long run! 


Good quality

Some flat pack kitchen cabinets can have a reputation for being very poor quality and can be quite flimsy. While they may be cheap, no doubt you will feel the poor quality of these flat packs when you are needing to repair or replace parts not too far into the future. 

Custom Kitchen cabinets are made to last and stand the test of time. You will find companies that provide custom, and use good quality products to ensure that you are getting the best products available. 

Ensure you ask questions regarding the quality of cabinets before purchasing. I.e., moisture resistance, Australian made or thickness of cabinetry. 


More options 

This is quite an obvious point when it comes to standard flat pack kitchens compared to custom. Usually, with your standard flat packs, you will only have a set number of colours and designs to choose from. Sometimes, these choices are very limited and are not to your tastes! 

 If you are after a variety of cabinets, then custom is the way to go. Most custom kitchen cabinets Perth manufacturers will provide a wide range of finishes and colours for you to customise the look exactly how you want. If you would prefer a design for your door or a flat door, bold colours or simple but beautiful? There are plenty of options to suit you! Do you want to set your kitchen apart from others? Go custom! 


Provides a polished look 

As we mentioned above, usually standard flat pack kitchens require a lot of filler panels or modified cabinets that just don’t have that sleek look. 

Because custom cabinets are designed to fit into the space in your kitchen, quite often look much more polished than their set-sized counterparts. Unusual-shaped kitchens are always a great example of these as pre-fabricated options just don’t look right! Choose a custom kitchen that will give you that fitted look set sizes won’t. 



Here at eKitchens, we are kitchen designers who provide a very wide range of custom kitchen cabinets to help transform your space. 

We manufacture our cabinets in 16mm highly moisture resistant particleboard and provide you with all soft closing hardware. All products are Australian-made and can come flat packed or assembled. 

Our cabinets are perfect for builders, carpenters or the DIY enthusiast. Our designers can guide you through the design process and help you end up with a functional yet beautiful kitchen! 

Contact us today at (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au to discuss your new kitchen or book an appointment with one of our fantastic designers! 

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