5 Tips For Removing Your Old Kitchen Floor Cabinets

6 July 2018
Removing Floor Kitchen Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

Once you’ve ordered the new cabinets for your kitchen, that renovation you thought would never happen suddenly seems very real! However, now you’re left with the job of removing the old cabinets to make way for the new. If you’re wondering whether you’ll be able to give it a go yourself, removing cabinets often isn’t as hard as it seems and can save you a fair bit of money. Let’s take a look at our tops tips for easy removal of your cabinets!


1.Organise a skip

First thing’s first – before you get overexcited and start ripping out your old cabinets, remember that you need somewhere to put them! Don’t make the mistake of leaving the remnants in the shed or hidden up the side of the house, because you may find them in exactly the same spot months down the track. Instead, organise a skip to be delivered to your house the day before you plan to take out your old kitchen.


2.Prepare the kitchen

Before you begin, ensure that the right preparations have taken place. Clear out all of the cabinets before you start the removal process so you don’t have to stop halfway to empty the upper cabinets in the middle of the mess. Protect your floors and have a designated spot where you plan to leave the debris before you carry it outside.


3.Get the right tools

You need to be prepared with the right tools if you want your kitchen cabinet removal to run smoothly. Tools you’re likely to need are a hammer, drill, pry bar and circular saw. Remember that you don’t need to buy brand new tools just to remove your kitchen – they can easily be hired for a couple of days. Also arrange for the help of a friend or family member to speed up the process!


4.Remove the cabinets

Your prep is complete and the time has come to do the actual removal. Start by unscrewing the hinges and removing the cabinet doors so you can easily access inside. Rather than using a handheld screwdriver, a drill will make the process much quicker. If you’re taking out more modern pre-made cabinets, they should be fairly easy to unscrew and remove as one unit. For older wall cabinets, you’ll need to use a bit more force to knock them out. Once your cabinets are removed, you can patch up the wall where needed.


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