5 Tips for Small Kitchen Renovations

19 February 2021
5 Tips for Small Kitchen Renovations

If you’re looking into Kitchen Renovations in Perth but worried you wont get the overall look you want due to the small space you have to work with, you don’t need to worry. No matter the size of your kitchen, you will be able to make your space look amazing even if you have limited space. Here are 5 pointers to think about when renovating your small kitchen


  1. Choose Light Colours

When looking at colour palettes the best way to open up a small kitchen is to choose a light, bright colour. White is a timeless choice which not only adds the illusion of space but is also a colour that doesn’t date quickly, because white is such a timeless option you won’t need to update anytime soon either. Don’t forget you can add pops of colour in your splash back or with your accessories if you’re worried about getting bored of a neutral colour scheme.


  1. Think about removing walls

When looking at renovating your kitchen, consider removing a wall or two, this can completely transform your space and change your small kitchen to the main hub of your home. When thinking about removing any walls make sure you always speak with a professional to check if the walls are load bearing, you may not be able to remove the whole wall but removing a portion of the wall can really open up a space as well.


  1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to a small kitchen, removing bulky overhead cabinet can be a good start or installing a sky light to really increase the amount of light in the area. If you’re already considering removing walls when renovating, another bonus might be that it allows more natural light into your space.


  1. Use your space wisely

If you have a smaller space, this also means you have limited storage space. You can optimise your space by making smart decisions when planning your cabinetry, for example, pull out drawers are a great option to utilise space while making it easier to access items. Think about where you are going to store items like your plates, cup, pots and pans to ensure you have a spot for them when your new kitchen goes in.


  1. Look at Custom Cabinets

Custom size cabinets are a great way for you to utilise the limited space you have, if you opt for modular cabinets you may end up losing centimetres that can make all the difference to a small kitchen. You want all your cabinets to fit perfectly in your space, not an area the feels too cramped with cabinets that are too-big or cabinets smaller than your space leaving you with wasted voids. When you go for customised cabinets these can be made to suit the size and functionality of your kitchen.



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