5 Ways to Give Your Flatpack Kitchen that Custom Look

8 September 2020
eKitchens Top 5 Tips

Choosing to build your kitchen using a flatpack cabinets is a great way to achieve the look and scale of your kitchen but at a fraction of the price of a custom designer kitchen.

Here are 5 steps you can take to ensure your flatpack has all the look and feel of a kitchen that has been custom designed to suit your kitchen space. 

1. Sizing your cabinets.

While many flatpack systems only allow cabinets in certain heights and widths, try to select cabinets that fit as closely to the dimensions of your existing kitchen space. Sizing cabinets not only to your room widths, but also wall heights, will create a smooth and seamless appearance to your kitchen renovation.

2. Try to size your cabinet doors and drawer cabinets in even rhythms.

This can sometimes be challenging in tight confined spaces but balancing your cabinet widths will reduce the add-on appearance of multiple cabinets of different width and height will greatly enhance their custom design feel.

3. Carefully select your cabinet base colours.

There is a commonly held view that ‘white’ goes with everything and choosing any neutral tone will work in a space. Indeed, most flatpack cabinet systems will feature white cabinets within their range. While this look works well in many spaces, you should carefully consider other materials used, such as flooring and wall tiles, and room features including lighting and furniture which play a part in how well these decors fit together. Often, bright whites will appear starker against timber floor decors which often feature warmer, or greyer undertones.

Selecting a base colour for your cabinet décor that tones with the other materials in your room will blend your otherwise flat-pack kitchen with a look and feel that is custom-designed. Laminex has recently matched a variety of different whites to pair their laminate cabinet finishes with various popular Dulux paint colours. EKitchens also offer cabinet door front finishes in melamine, Dulux paint, and vinyl wrap finishes which directly pair with one another.

4. Consider alternate decors in a few select areas.

As kitchen spaces become more an open and central part of the home, selecting an alternate décor in a few select areas of your kitchen can help tie-in the appearance of your flat pack refit to your existing spaces. Behind the breakfast bar, woodgrain panels are a popular choice to match materials found in living rooms and provide a furniture-like feel to otherwise plain workspaces. Other discrete areas may be an open shelf corner or a single row of overhead cabinets.

5. Consider using integrated handles, or no handles, to your cabinets.

One of the most popular ways of maximising the appeal of flatpack cabinets is to create fresh clean lines and eliminate the need for many handles in your kitchen space. Selecting doors which are slightly longer than your overhead cabinets are an easy way to reduce the appearance of clutter and allow easy grip underneath. Choosing recessed rails under the benchtops to open base cabinet doors and drawers helps create strong design lines across your flatpack cabinets and links them together in one cohesive design.

As ever, there are the EKitchens showrooms displaying a full range of materials and ideas to help you achieve your custom look kitchen, but with the savings which come from using a flatpack kitchen cabinet system. Call us today! ⌂

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