6 must have accessories in your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth!

28 November 2022

Who hasn’t walked into their kitchen and thought – ‘What a mess!?’ We start with these wonderfully clean areas and good intentions, but through everyday use (including those days where you are just too tired to worry about a perfectly clean kitchen!) your custom kitchen cabinets can become chaos. 

A carefully chosen accessory can make or break how easy it is to keep your kitchen from becoming that scary shambles you may dread. There are wide ranges of accessories to help the functionality of your kitchen and make life a whole lot easier. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at 6 must-have accessories to make your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth more organised!   


Internal Drawers 

Internal drawers are perfect for those who love the more minimalist appearance of custom kitchen cabinets but want the benefits of the extra storage space that drawers provide. While cabinets are fantastic, drawers allow you to access the items that are placed at the back of the cabinet, quickly and simply. 

Another current trend is to use a ‘Drawer inside a Drawer’. This application is to use a small shallow drawer above a deeper large drawer. Wasted space is a thing of the past when using these drawers. 

All internal drawers are soft-closing and rated between 35kg – 50 kg depending on the brand. 

With brands such as Blum or Finista, providing options for internal drawers, you will be able to find a sophisticated looking drawer in many sizes. While internal drawers are seen mainly in the kitchen, they are also a fantastic option for bathroom vanities, wardrobes, or offices! 


Cutlery trays 

Cutlery trays deserve to be at the top of the list! Don’t you agree? You will struggle to find a kitchen that does not include a cutlery tray. This clever tool allows you to organise all your cutlery into sections! You can also use your trays to organise your cooking utensils! 

While there is a wide range of cutlery trays available, finding a good quality tray that is functional, unique, and elegant can sometimes be hard. Most trays are set sizes, and when you are using custom kitchen cabinetry this can be painful as your tray may be too small or too big for the size drawer you have. 

To combat this, search for a tray that will allow you to shape its size. Some cutlery trays (including ours!) can be cut to size for a perfect fit, no matter the size (maximum 900). They are also super easy to install. 


Spice racks or pull-outs

Spices tend to be one of those things you can never place on your benchtop in a ‘pretty’ way. Although, storing them is one thing, how about trying to organise them so you can easily find that perfect spice to finish off your dish. 

What about a spice drawer? A fantastic option to organise these spices is by purchasing a PVC spice rack that sits inside your drawer. Out of the way, but easily accessible, you can order your spices alphabetically or even by use! These racks have a slanted side that allows the spices to lay angled with the label facing up to you. Some spice racks (including ours!) can be cut to size for a perfect fit. 

Don’t have space for a drawer? What about a small pull-out!? Spice rack pull–out options are great to keep next to your oven or cooktop. These pull-outs come in 150mm or 300mm options and can be used for the storage of many different items! However, using these pull-outs for easy storage of spices has become extremely popular. 


Pull out bins 

When designing your new custom kitchen cabinets or retrofitting your old ones – one thing that can be forgotten is where am I going to put my bin? Gone are the days, where you place a bin in the middle of the room! Integrating your bin into your design has become a modern and favoured option by a lot of customers. 

There is now an extensive range of kitchen pull out bins you can retrofit into existing cabinets or purchase a bin and cabinet combo. An easy pull-out frame gives you quick access and keeps those unappealing bins hidden away from the public eye. These bin inserts can be lifted and carried directly to your outdoor bins. 

*Design tip* When creating your perfect kitchen, place your bin as close to the sink as possible as this is where most of your waste will be produced and also to avoid spills. 


LED Lighting 

Want to give your kitchen something special? LED lighting may be the way to go! Create a feature in your kitchen through lighting. LED strips can be incorporated into your cabinetry inside the cabinet to provide a super functional aspect but also give off a high-end finish. 

Whether it be inside the cabinet, underneath overheads or even under the kickboards you can incorporate LED light strips to be used as the main source of lighting, creating extra ambience and saving you money. 

LED downlights can also be installed underneath overheads to create spotlights on certain parts of the kitchen. This can be ideal for use next to a cooktop when cooking! 

Rainbow lighting or daylight lighting? There are too many choices to finish off your kitchen with that modern look. 


Corner Carousels or Pull-outs 

Similar to internal drawers, corner carousels and pull-outs are designed to make those annoying corners easily accessible. Losing pans down the back of that dreaded corner is a thing of the past! 

Corner Carousels are used in your typical 2 door corner cabinet. Otherwise known as a lazy Susan! Put all your items onto these carousels and spin them to access all 360 degrees of space. Some carousels are made to sit on the shelves directly, allowing them to take the extra weight, alternatively, you can also find carousels that are all one piece, although maximum weight restrictions will be lower. 

For those hard to use blind corner cabinets, you may find a square pull-out, or a kidney pull-out may be the answer to your problem! These pull-outs help to utilize the space inside and pull everything forward and out of your custom kitchen cabinet. This makes it all visible accessible.

Functional solutions to tricky space problems? Yes, please! 


Here at eKitchens, we have a wide range of accessories that can be incorporated into your existing custom kitchen or your brand-new kitchen! Using our selection of accessories, that fit into our customisable cabinets you will be enjoying a contemporary space and a completely personalised final product. 

To have a chat about what accessories might be right for you please contact us at (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au

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