Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets Perth

10 June 2021
Advantages of Custom Kitchen Cabinets Perth

Are you thinking about starting a kitchen renovation or looking to update your current space? Your kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference to the overall look of your new kitchen, and deciding whether you want custom made or pre-fabricated cabinetry will be one of the first decisions you will need to make. At eKitchens we provide custom made cabinets in Perth, and are here to share some of the advantages when choosing custom made.


Fits your space

Getting custom cabinetry means your kitchen will be designed to fit your space. Pre-fabricated modular cabinets only come in set sizes which will limit you when designing your new kitchen. Getting custom cabinets will make sure your able to utilise your space and you won’t have to finish your cabinets short because none of the modular sized cabinets will fit. You will have a more practical space allowing for the maximum amount of storage possible. Custom cabinets also allow for you to adjust the height of your bench, meaning if you’re shorter or taller you can get cabinets that are a comfortable height for you.


You won’t need to modify cabinets onsite

Because custom cabinets fit your space, you wont need to modify or cut down cabinets onsite which can be time consuming and costly if you don’t cut down the cabinet correctly. Although you may pay extra for custom cabinets, it also means peace of mind knowing you wont need to be making modifications onsite, once the custom cabinets are installed – your done! If purchasing modular cabinets you may also require additional infill panels to fill in any extra space left over.


More choice

You will have more choice to create your dream kitchen when you choose custom made. Pre-fabricated cabinets usually only come with limited material and colour options for your doors and fronts, with custom made you can choose from a huge range of materials like Melamine, Vinyl & Paint to suit your personal style. When spending money on a kitchen renovation you don’t want to settle for a colour or size because of the limited range offered with pre-fabricated cabinets.


The final product

Getting cabinets that fit your space perfectly, and in the colour and finish you want will ensure you get the overall look you imagined, there is nothing worst then getting to the end of your renovations and being disappointed in the finished product. You’re overall look will be more polished and give your space a ‘fitted’ look that you often cant achieve with modular sized cabinetry.



At eKitchens we offer Custom Kitchen Cabinets Perth. Our cabinets are all custom sizes manufactured from HMR(Highly Moisture Resistant) board which include soft closing hardware. You can purchase our cabinets flat packed or assembled to suit your project and timeframe. If you would like more information contact us on (08)9456 3108 or or visit one of our showrooms to see what we have to offer.

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