Benefits of choosing flat pack cabinets for cabinet makers in Perth

28 November 2022

The cabinet making industry is experiencing incredibly high demand lately, especially coming into the Christmas season, this is usually the peak period for most cabinet makers. If you are a cabinet maker in Perth, choosing flat packed cabinets for your jobs can be a wise choice to help you get through this busy period. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for cabinet makers in Perth when opting for flat pack cabinets.


Time Saving

Cutting/manufacturing the cabinets yourself can be an incredibly time consuming part of the process. Choosing to order flat pack cabinets and leaving this job to the manufacturer can decrease your workload drastically and allow you to spend time on the other important aspects of the business, such as the customer service and installation side of things.


Reduced Overheads

The cost of machines, equipment, materials and more can really add up when you manufacture your own cabinets, by choosing to order flat packed cabinets this can reduce your overhead costs by an incredible amount.


Quick turn-around times

Companies such as eKitchens can have your flat packed cabinet order ready within a matter of days up to a few weeks, a lot less than the time it would take you to cut and manufacture your own cabinets. Fast turn around times are always a winner with clients and can increase the quality of the experience your clients have with you.


High Quality

Flat packed cabinet suppliers these days manufacture a lot higher quality products than what used to be available. eKitchens uses Australian made MR (moisture resistant) 16mm particleboard for all cabinet carcass parts, while the doors are made out of quality MDF and finished in the finest products. All cabinets are programmed and cut on CNC machines with mortise & tenon construction.


If you are a cabinet maker in Perth and are looking to find a suitable cabinetry supplier, contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or and our friendly team will be happy to assist.

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