Buying flat pack kitchens online? Do's and Don’ts

28 November 2022

When ordering online, you may be very comfortable ordering everyday items like clothes, or small gifts that won’t cause issues when you receive them. Ordering large ticket items, especially ordering your whole kitchen can seem scary. 

Did you know, it's actually easier than you think? With everything you have to think about with kitchen renovations, it is no surprise that some renovators turn to the internet to order their kitchen flat packs. Buying the cabinets online, in the comfort of your own home is a quick and easy way to get the renovations started. Of course, there is also the added advantage of these being a cheaper alternative for the DIY crowd. 

To assist you with ensuring you are choosing the best flat pack kitchens online, check out these dos and don’ts for ordering your cabinetry online. 

DO - Begin with your current kitchen 

As with any renovation, you need to decide to what extent are you going to renovate. Pull out the whole existing kitchen and start from scratch? Or do a partial renovation and add in some of those cabinets you have been missing from the start? It’s important to do your research and find a reputable company that you can order as many cabinets as you need to (i.e., 1 or 2 if you are adding additional to your kitchen). Companies like this will allow you to work around your plans, rather than fitting into theirs. 


DON’T – Follow the latest trends too strictly 

Researching and looking at all the different ideas that people share on the internet is fantastic! Who doesn’t love Pinterest? However, remember not to get too caught up in the latest fads. They are always changing, and they may not last too long. When buying your kitchen flat packs online, you want to transform your space to be both beautiful but also functional. Instead, look at functional trends or accessories, like LED lightingwire pull-outs or internal drawers. Now, these are trends that will most definitely last and that we support! Who wouldn’t love easy storage? 


DO – Have a set budget

Ordering flat pack kitchens online could be something you dread, due to the skewed view of its potentially high costs. The important thing to remember is a full kitchen remodel can vary from $10,000 to even $50,000 dependent on many factors including the size of your project, your design or even choosing to do DIY or hire professionals (check out our blog on the Top 5 advantages to hiring Cabinet Makers in Perth for your renovation). This is why it is important to set a budget, that will allow you to help make decisions along the way. 

Ordering kitchen flat packs online can be a major benefit to help stick to your budget. Finding a company that is transparent with its pricing and allows you to view it first-hand, can be a big help when trying to stick to your budget. You are in control of what you need and don’t need meaning you won’t be left with a huge surprise at the end. 


DON’T – Forget your storage! 

Sounds simple? It is, but the one thing you will always regret in your renovation is giving yourself enough storage space. With whatever layout you may choose, ensure you provide yourself with as much easy storage as possible (don’t forget the trendy accessories above!). Even in a small space, there are multiple ways to maximise your storage, and the best way is to go with custom kitchen cabinets! Choose an online provider, that will allow you to choose what size you would like to order everything. Chuck in a 4-door cabinet, instead of two 2 door cabinets! This means you can use every available inch of the area and not worry about losing space to a set size cabinet. 


DO – Look at the customised options 

Yes, we did mention this above, that’s because it is a huge benefit to ordering your flat pack kitchens online. When you are renovating, you do not want to cause yourself more stress, by having to modify cabinetry onsite. By finding a Custom Cabinetry provider, you will be able to choose a final product that fits your space perfectly. Check out our blog on the Advantages of custom kitchen cabinets in Perth to help you decide if custom is the way to go! 


DON’T – Choose somewhere with inferior quality products 

When ordering your kitchen flat packs online, make sure you look into the materials that the company’s cabinetry and doors will be made out of. Ordering online does not mean, you will get a bad quality product. You just need to know what you are searching for! We suggest looking for materials that are HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) that will allow your cabinetry to be used in all areas (even kitchens can become wet areas sometimes!). Soft close hinges and drawers are definitely a benefit, it may seem unimportant, however, you will thank us, when you are not hearing the constant slam of the kitchen doors when the kids are searching for something to eat! If you end up settling for a poor-quality product, you may be spending money again sooner than you think to fix it up. 


DO – Get a product easy to assemble

Of course, getting an easy to assemble product is ideal for the DIYer however, those using a professional should definitely also look into this. Trades usually quote on time spent, if a product is very simple to assemble, they can knock up the cabinetry quite quickly and you will save some money on installation! When ordering your flat pack kitchens online, ensure to research the company and find out how they produce their cabinetry. The easiest cabinets to assemble tend to be mortise and tenon as it's quite hard to put a piece the wrong way when it slots into the other pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. 


DON’T – Forget to check delivery times

There would be nothing more disappointing than ordering your cabinets, and then discovering that you won’t receive your order for months. When searching for kitchen flat packs online, ensure you find out how long the production time is so you can plan out your renovation timeline. Removing your kitchen and then finding out you won’t receive your cabinetry for 2 months is not a position you want to be left in. 


Here at eKitchens, we can provide you with a reliable and good quality product ordered online and completely from the comfort of your own home! We provide custom made cabinetry so you can achieve the final look you have always wanted in your kitchen without the designer price tag. It most definitely is kitchens made easy. 

To achieve the look you want and for help ordering online, speak to our friendly team at eKitchens today. Give us a call at (08) 9456 3108 or pop us through an email at

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