Can flat pack cabinets be bought pre-assembled?

28 November 2022

A lot of companies will only supply you with flat pack cabinets and leave the assembly for you to sort out, whether it be you assemble them yourself or you hire someone to assemble them for you. This usually helps to keep the cost down by reducing the labour required on the suppliers end meaning flat pack cabinets are often more affordable.


If you are not very savvy when it comes to assembly tasks though, or want to save the money instead of hiring someone to assembled them for you, you can try find some cabinetry suppliers, such as eKitchens, who can also provide the cabinets for you pre-assembled rather than just flat pack cabinets. The best part is that this service is quite affordable, meaning you can save more money than you think and save on time as well.


Allowing the supplier to assemble the cabinets for you also means the cabinets will be assembled by a team who knows the cabinetry well and will be pre-assembled to a high standard. Keep in mind though, it often depends on where you live as you will need to consider the transportation side of things once your cabinets are ready. Flat pack cabinets can be boxed up and shipped interstate or loaded onto smaller transport vehicles where as pre-assembled cabinetry will usually require a truck to transport these.


So the short answer is YES, you can order pre-assembled cabinets instead of flat pack cabinets as long as you find the right supplier.

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