Can you replace just cabinet doors?

28 November 2022

If your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets are starting to look a little dated or worse for wear, you might be considering renovating the area and installing new cabinets to bring the room back to life. What if there was an easier way that would use a lot less money and time though? Luckily, there is! If your cabinets are still in a good condition, then you can look at just replacing the cabinet doors instead of ripping out the whole cabinets. To work out if your cabinets are still in an acceptable condition to just replace the cabinet doors, open the cabinet doors and look inside at the carcass material your cabinet consists of. Check for any damage like snapped or sagging carcass material, water/moisture damage or even damage caused by insects, chemicals or anything else that may affect the structure of the cabinet. If you can not find any damage and the cabinet still feels sturdy and solid, go for gold with planning your cabinet door replacements.  

Replacing the cabinet doors is such a cost effective option in comparison to a full renovation, the best part is you can even do this as a DIY project, so there is no need to bring in a cabinet maker/tradesmen.

You just need to measure your doors, panels and drawer fronts with a trusty tape measure and get the sizes and hinging locations and you can order your new cabinet doors to match. Once you have the sizes and hinging locations, just select what you would like your new cabinet doors to look like (colour, finish, profile etc) and jump onto or send through the details to and you can get a quote for your new cabinet doors quickly. You can opt to keep and re-use your existing hardware such as the hinges or drawer kits or you can include new hardware in your order with your cabinet doors, the choice is yours!


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