Choosing the Best Finish For Your Cabinets

20 April 2018
Kitchen Cabinet Interiors From eKitchens

When you’re renovating your kitchen, there seem to be endless choices when it comes to colour. Although colour is an important decision, you also need to remember to consider the finish of your cabinets as it can make a big difference to the final look. As cabinet makers in Perth, we’re here to take a closer look at the range of finishes you can choose.



Glossy cabinet doors are one of the most popular choices if you like a modern feel. They give a slick, sophisticated look and give a highly reflective look. When paired with a neutral colour, a gloss finish is also perfect for smaller spaces due to this finish’s ability to reflect the light and make a space seem bigger. However, you do need to remember that some high gloss finishes can show fingerprints and marks more easily and may require extra maintenance.


If you’re not sure if you want a glossy or a matte look, you can opt for the best of both worlds with a satin finish. Although a satin finish doesn’t reflect nearly as much light as a glossy finish, it has more shine compared to a matte look so is a good in-between look. A satin finish is also hard wearing and easy to maintain. If you want an attractive, neutral look which will go well with most styles, satin could be the way to go.


At the other end of the spectrum to the glossy finish is a matte look. True to its name, this finish doesn’t reflect any light and is a popular choice with more traditional kitchens where gloss would look out of place. Saying this, the matte look can look fantastic with any style kitchen and doesn’t show up marks and imperfections. Because it doesn’t reflect light, a matte finish gives a lovely toned down look but for this reason it won’t make a space seem bigger.


For something a bit different, you can also think about a textured finish for your cabinet doors. A textured look can add character to the final look of your kitchen and gives another dimension of interest without being too over the top. There are a range of textured options available so whether you want a timber grain look or a subtle texture embedded into the finish, you’ll be able find the right look for your kitchen.


If you’re looking for a variety of options when it comes to your cabinets, you’ve come to the right place at eKitchens. We not only have a range of design styles available for our cabinet doors, you also have access to over 200 colours and finishes for a customised final look. Our cabinets come flat packed or pre-assembled – whichever you prefer!

For custom cabinet makers, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108.

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