Common Myths About Flat Pack Kitchens Perth

31 August 2018

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting time and it can really transform the look of your home. Unfortunately, it can also be an expensive process. As a budget friendly option, you can consider flat pack. However, a lot of people are wary about flat pack cabinets due to common myths about these product. We hear a lot of misconceptions when it comes to flat pack kitchens Perth and today we’re setting the record straight!


Myth #1: You can’t get customised sizes


It’s true that there are some flat packed options which come in modular sizes only. Although this works in some spaces, a lot of the time modular sizes just don’t fit right and need to be cut to size. However, you’re certainly not limited to modular sizes with flat pack and there are customised options available which allow you to order cabinets which will fit your kitchen perfectly for a stunning finished product.


Myth #2: You have a limited choice of colours


It’s true that there was a time when flat packed kitchens came with very limited options and white was pretty much your only colour choice. These days, nothing could be further from the truth and you have access to a huge range of colours. Not only that, you can also choose your finish, whether you want a glossy finish, a matte look or even a timber effect. With your flat pack kitchen, you’ll receive a product which suits your own personal style.


Myth #3: You have to have experience to assemble a flat pack kitchen


This is one of the main myths we hear! Luckily, you don’t need to be a carpenter or cabinet maker to assemble your flat pack and most companies make it easy with less fixings. If you’re not feeling confident, simply speak to the company about their products and ask about assembly. In most cases, it’s well within the capability of the DIY home renovator.


Myth #4: You’ll be receiving a poor quality product


Definitely not! When some people thing about flat pack, they think about flimsy wood and easily damaged cabinets. However, many of the flat pack options available on the market are made with premium materials and made to withstand the wet conditions of the kitchen area.


At eKItchens, we provide online custom flat packed kitchens which are custom made to your exact measurements. We also have over 200 colours and finishes for you to choose from so you get a truly personalised product for your new kitchen. Our cabinets are supplied using Australian made 16mm High Moisture Resistant Particle board, and they come with soft closing hardware.


For high quality flat pack kitchens, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108.

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