Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Perth and How to Modify Them

22 March 2019
Custom Kitchen Cabinets Perth - Ekitchens

Flatpack kitchen cabinets get a bad rap. The assumption is that because they are premade and come in a box, the few options for customisation that you get are plain, dull-looking, and not aesthetically-pleasing, especially when considering your desired entire kitchen design as a whole. But that isn’t necessarily the case if you make use of custom cabinet makers in Perth! Using their expertise and years of experience, you have full control over the look and feel of your kitchen if you choose to use Perth cabinet makers. From the material, the hardware, the finish, and even the installation, you have the freedom of choice. But that isn’t all that you can do to customise your kitchen cabinet renovation. Below are a few ways to complement the style and ensure the longevity of your new cabinets, so that you get the kitchen that you want for the years to come.

Change the Colour of Your Kickboards

Kickboards are the finishing touch to your kitchen’s aesthetic, and shouldn’t be overlooked in terms of adding charisma and elegance to your cooking area. Whether you choose to use a contrasting colour to your cabinetry, to match your kickboards to your countertop material, or even to recess your kickboards to make your kitchen cabinets looks as though they are floating from the ground, there’s a myriad of ways to subtly boost the look of your cabinets with this simple yet effective part of your kitchen cabinetry.

Don’t Skimp on Hardware

It is important to focus on quality hardware to ensure the longevity of your new cabinets. Ensure that you are getting well-constructed door hinges and drawer runners, for example, that are made from sturdy materials that will provide you with years of seamless use without the headache that comes with frequent replacements. And while that may sound like an added expense, it doesn’t have to be. Choosing to use flatpack custom kitchen cabinets will be a cheaper option for you and your needs, so that you can invest in higher-standard materials without breaking the bank and compromising your own sense of style.

Make Use of Good Lighting

A great way to really personalise your kitchen cabinets is by the use of spotlights, and hanging pendant lights, for example. And while a simple overhead light may do the job, it can really dull the look of your kitchen, washing out your new kitchen cabinets with one-dimensional illumination. Instead, consider having an electrician install warm and bright task lights above the counters, or even hanging lights over your benchtop. These little additions can really make your kitchen look unique and well-arranged by the best kitchen designers, without the expense that comes with it.

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