Custom Kitchens Perth: Features of the Modern Kitchen

12 October 2018
Features Of A Modern Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like the sleek, clean aesthetic of the modern kitchen and it’s no surprise that the modern look continues to be one of the most sought after styles in new kitchens. If you want to embrace the modern kitchen, you might be wondering what features you need to include. Today, we’ll be looking at the main features which make up the modern kitchen.


Neutral palette

When it comes to the colour scheme of the modern kitchen, white reigns supreme and this is the colour which is most commonly featured. White gives a clean, modern look and also has the added bonus of reflecting light to make the space seem bigger. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use other colours on the neutral spectrum with grey and even black also common. Just because you have a predominantly white colour scheme doesn’t mean you can’t add some colourful features!


Plenty of storage

The modern kitchen is all about a minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic so plenty of storage needs to be included to ensure noting is left on benchtops. Drawers are a popular option as they allow for easy access and don’t forget to include plenty of pantry space. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much storage.


Minimal hardware

With the clean lines of the modern kitchen, you don’t want it broken up with clumsy hardware on your cabinetry. Keep the hardware to a minimum with sleek, understated handles in black or chrome. To really embrace the modern aesthetic, you can also opt for no handles at all for unbroken lines.


Island bench

The modern kitchen embraces entertaining as a main function, so see if you can work an island bench into your new kitchen design. This will allow for more preparation room for your new kitchen and also means bar stools can be used alongside the bench to allow for extra space when you have company.


Simple cabinetry

While some styles favour decorative cabinetry with moulding and texture, it’s all about keeping it simple with the modern kitchen. Look for streamlined cabinetry which gives uninterrupted lines in the kitchen. Glossy finishes add to the modern look and reflect light to help with the illusion of space.

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