Custom Made Wardrobes: Are They Worth It?

27 June 2019
custom kitchen wardrobe


If you’re a renter, you’ve probably made use of freestanding wardrobes from your local furniture store once or twice in order to create more storage space for your belongings. Not only is it cheap and easy to dismantle once you move out, it’s a quick solution for the pressing issue of a lack of storage that can arise from houses and rooms that are not built to your specifications. But what about if you’re finally building or living in your own home, where you are free to customise your space as you please? Or maybe you’re just wanting for a more efficient storage space for your garments, and finally have the option to look into customisation but are hesitating. Custom made wardrobes may seem like a lot of work and expense as compared to freestanding ones, but they may not be as cheap in the long run.


It’s important to note that freestanding wardrobes fall quite short when it comes to long-term space saving solutions, and can look out of place with the aesthetics of your room. It’s possible to buy other freestanding wardrobes that match the look and feel of your place, but that will add up over time. So while it may seem like custom made wardrobes are expensive and hard to plan into your house design, it can be a good alternative and may cost less than what you would expect.


Freestanding wardrobes are produced in bulk, which means that not only would you be getting common-looking storage solutions, you would also be sacrificing interior space, as these are built not with your specific storage needs in mind, but with a general idea of what the average person would need in a wardrobe. While this is good enough if you’re after a quick and easy solution, this might not quite cut it when you’re in your own home. Instead, looking into getting custom made wardrobes that fully utilise the space in the room may suit your needs better. By having it built to your specifications, not only would you be getting a unique wardrobe, but you would also have the power to be able to fully suit your space to your requirements, making it more accessible and functional for your personal use. 


It may seem expensive, but when it comes to getting your wardrobe custom made, it’s a good idea to seek the expertise of a local cabinetmaker. With their help and knowledge, planning and designing your new wardrobe is as easy as 1-2-3. What’s more, much like when they customise kitchen cabinet wardrobes with standard accessories, they can keep the costs down by using standard wardrobe accessories like pillar ends and supports. This means that you will be able to focus more on aesthetically pleasing, space-saving solutions without breaking the bank.

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