The Deal With Flat Pack Kitchens: Are They A Good Cabinet Choice?

30 April 2019
Flat Pack Kitchens


Flat pack kitchens get a bad rap. They’re said to be boring, generic, and made of subpar materials when compared to custom kitchens, which is why a lot of Australians prefer to get their kitchen fully customised when they do their remodelling. But those assumptions aren’t always correct! Perth flat pack kitchens can be just as suited to your personal style as custom kitchens are - but for a fraction of the cost, which means that you can up your home’s value without sacrificing much of your hard-earned cash. Still unconvinced? Here are a few reasons why going flat pack is a great option.

Perhaps the most important benefit of using flat packs for your kitchen is the price difference. Renovating your kitchen is a costly endeavour that can easily go up to tens of thousands of dollars, not including whether or not you are updating your kitchen appliances as well. But going with flat packs not only lessens that cost, while also giving you the freedom to either save or spend on other aspects of your renovation without breaking the bank.

But you might think, if I’m already spending money to make my kitchen look great, why should I settle for a boring, common-looking cooking area? But this isn’t necessarily the case. Perth flat pack kitchen cabinets are actually semi-customisable, meaning that you can still make your kitchen suit your personal taste and style. From finish, fixings, to hardware, you have the power to choose how your kitchen will look. Not only that, but because flat packs can be used to fit any kitchen layout shape, be it a one wall, L-shaped, or even U-shaped layout, you not only have the option of customizability, you also have value for your money.

And if you have a smaller kitchen? Flat packs are great for this! As long as you take your measurements and plan accordingly, you can fully utilise the available, limited space, making it a smarter choice for apartments with tiny kitchen spaces, for example.

Plus, if you’re the type that loves DIY, it’s easy to use flat packs from local suppliers like eKitchens. Distributors like these provide kitchen cabinetry to your exact measurements so that putting your kitchen together is as easy as slotting puzzle pieces side by side. So not only would you save money getting flat packs for your kitchen, but you can also get more bang for your buck by doing it yourself. But what if you’re not into DIY? That’s not a problem! We also offer installation services to reduce the stress of putting together a new and improved kitchen, so you don’t have to.

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