Easiest flatpack kitchens to assemble/install

28 November 2022

There are so many different flatpack kitchens available to purchase these days and each manufacturer has their own ways to assemble the cabinets, whether they be assembled with butt-joins, glue, screws or mortise & tenons. When sourcing your new flatpack kitchen, check with the supplier what method of construction is used for assembling their cabinets as some can be a bit more difficult and time consuming than others.


So what assembly method is the easiest? You may ask.

Mortise & tenon is the key to making your assembly process easier and faster for your flatpack kitchen. The mortise & tenon act as a guide making it easier to see where the pieces fit together and also offer a stronger and more sturdy cabinet. You can then pop some screws in to secure the pieces in place and can avoid using glue, which we all know can get quite messy and difficult to do, followed by the painful wait time for the glue to dry. This also means you don’t have to assemble using butt-joins and struggle to keep things in place while putting the cabinets together.


Finding a flatpack kitchen manufacturer who produces the cabinets to the very millimetre measurements on CNC machines will also help ensure your carcasses are all cut as accurately as possible, meaning they will fit together a lot more smoothly/flush.


eKitchens is one of the very few Cabinet makers who manufactures all their cabinets with mortise & tenons and pre-drills all the screw holes for you, allowing the assembly process to be as simple as possible for everyone. Along with a range of “How-To” Guides available on the website showing clear images and detailing the steps for assembling the cabinets, eKitchens also have a dedicated customer service team available to help with any questions you may have along the way.  


If you’re looking at purchasing a flat pack kitchen, contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au and our friendly team will be happy to help!

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