Easy Ways to Renovate your Kitchen Perth

27 February 2019
Kitchen Renovations Perth

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is where food is made, and where people are nourished; there’s a reason why family members tend to congregate the most in the kitchen. A lot of people have memories of watching their parental figures or guardians working on the kitchen counter to provide a filling, home cooked meal for the family, underlining the significance of this very room. However, throughout the years, kitchen layouts and styles have changed. While the fact remains that the kitchen is an important part of the home, regardless of time passing by, a kitchen that was designed five, ten, or even twenty years ago can look outdated and old. It can be discouraging to cook in a room that is disorganised and not aesthetically pleasing, but there is also the matter of the cost of renovation. So what can you do to to renovate your Perth kitchen so that it becomes a room the family would love to spend time together in?

Perth Budget Kitchen Renovation

Perth has a high cost of living, and it’s important for families to budget their finances wisely. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to renovating your kitchen on a budget.


  1. Change up your splashback

Replacing your dirty or discoloured splashback with tiles or a fresh coat of paint is a surefire way to brighten up your cooking area. Splashbacks get the brunt of your cooking stains, after all, so don’t underestimate the effect of updating it can have on the general fresh feel of your kitchen.


  1. Rejuvenate your lighting

There are many hardware stores that provide affordable lighting systems that can transform the look of your kitchen with the flick of a switch, all with the help of your neighbourhood technician. From pin lights over your kitchen counters, to dangling lights over your dining table, even the change from a faded warm yellow light to a bright white light could do wonders to make your kitchen look inviting and invigorated.


  1. Replace your cabinets

Old, outdated cabinetry can break the aesthetic of your kitchen. Peeling and faded paint, missing handles, even chips on the door from years of use can contribute to an unsightly kitchen that gets used less over time. But because this is a big change, people think that replacing kitchen cabinets will cost a lot of money. However, that isn’t necessarily the case! Companies like eKitchens, who specialise in custom-made cabinetry, are experts in working with clients to find the best materials and designs to suit their budget. Renovating your Perth kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank, and what’s more, you choose your level of involvement in your kitchen renovation, so that you can make you’re getting the kitchen that you want every step of the way.

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