Flatpack kitchen cabinets - FAQ's

5 August 2021

If you’re thinking about doing a kitchen renovation, then a flatpack kitchen might be the answer for you. Flatpack kitchens are a great choice for many reasons but you might have some questions you’re wanting answered before going ahead with a flatpack kitchen. We’re here to help, below we have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions about flatpack kitchens and the answers we have come to learn over our many years of experience in this industry.


Can flatpack kitchens be customised?

Some suppliers like Ikea or Bunnings typically only sell modular kitchen cabinets but there are many companies like us, who offer custom made flatpack kitchens. This means you have a budget friendly option for a flatpack kitchen but also have the advantage of getting cabinets manufactured to perfectly fit your space. When going for Modular sized cabinetry, it means you often have to modify cabinets yourself to fit or deal with having cabinets which just don’t fit the space quite right. Customised flatpack kitchens do not have this issue, you just measure up the area and order the customised flatpack kitchen to suit.


Are flatpack kitchens easy to assemble?

When you think of buying flatpack kitchen cabinets, you then start to think about the work involved in actually assembling the cabinets and question whether you would be up for the task. Here at eKitchens we manufacture flatpack cabinets with mortise & tenon (tongue & groove) construction for easy assembly and stronger cabinets. Flatpack kitchen cabinets are often easier to assemble than people might think. If you do not think you are up for the task, you can always consider hiring a cabinet maker to assemble the flatpack kitchen or order them pre-assembled if possible.


Is there a wide range of colours to choose from?

Definitely! Buying a flatpack kitchen does not mean you are going to have limited choices, especially when buying from a custom made flatpack supplier. Most companies like eKitchens, have a huge range of colours, finishes and profiles to choose from for your flatpack cabinets. If you can not find what you are after, be sure to ask the staff about the availability of what you are looking for, it can’t hurt to ask!


Can Flatpack cabinets be used in other areas?

They sure can! While flatpack cabinets are commonly used in kitchens, they can also be used in many other areas such as laundries, bathrooms, offices and bedrooms. Anywhere you want a cabinet to go, chances are, you can have a flatpack cabinet produced to suit what you are after.


At eKitchens, we provide one of the largest online ranges of custom made flatpack kitchen cabinets and at a more affordable rate than you would think. With Australia wide shipping and over 200 styles available, why not get in touch now to get a quote for your upcoming project. Contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au and our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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