A Guide to Buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Perth (Infographic)

28 November 2022

There are more and more kitchen cabinet suppliers coming onto the market these days, some only offering set-sized cabinets but there are also a few companies who can offer custom kitchen cabinets in Perth. If you’re wanting to make the most out of your space and go for custom cabinets, the hard question is where the best place is to purchase your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth.

Let’s go through some of the points you will want to consider when finding the right supplier for your custom kitchen cabinets.

buying Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Perth



  1. Turn Around Times

What we often expect with custom made products is that the turn around times will be a lot longer than standard products. Find out what the lead times are from the supplier and where the cabinets are actually manufactured. Keep in mind that in todays current society, shipping lead times are being delayed, sometimes even for months. If you can find a supplier who manufactures the cabinets here in Perth from locally sourced materials, you will be able to avoid the shipping delays all together. eKitchens will usually have your custom made cabinets ready within a couple weeks, some suppliers might not have the required machines to keep up with the workload or might be old fashioned and cut the cabinets themselves by hand which will add on a lot more time to the production times.


  1. Assembly Process

We would recommend asking about the assembly side of things and how easy it is to do as DIY. Here at eKitchens all our cabinetry is made with Mortise & Tenon construction meaning assembly is a lot easier to do and there is no need for glue! If you would rather have a professional do the assembly for you, eKitchens also offers pre-assembly of the cabinets to take this stress away for you, you would even be surprised at how affordable pre-assembly is in house compared to having a cabinet maker do this on site.


  1. Quality

There is no point ordering all your custom kitchen cabinets, only to have to do it all again soon down the track because you have not gone for quality products! Ask the cabinet manufacturer about the products. Are the doors made out of Quality MDF? What brand of hardware is used? Where are the materials sourced from? eKitchens uses MDF for all their doors and high quality Blum hardware which comes with a lifetime warranty. Our board is even sourced and made right here in Australia.


  1. Exactly How Customisable

So you can get custom sized cabinets? PERFECT! What about the doors? Does the supplier offer a large range of different door products, colours, profiles and finishes? This will allow you to really make the kitchen your own! eKitchens will even manufacture your cabinetry to suit your specified appliances such as rangehoods, ovens etc. Even the selection of benchtops allows you to choose from many different products such as Stone, acrylic, timber or laminate.  


  1. Read The Reviews

Reviews are always your best friend when looking to buy any new products, we would recommend reading as many real reviews as you can for a company before purchasing from them. When looking for reviews though, do not only read the ones on the company’s own website (they usually only show the positive reviews), instead search up their google reviews or Productreview.com.au and this is where you will be able to see all honest reviews, positive or negative. This will help you to gage how well previous customers rate their customer service levels, pricings or quality of the products themselves.


If you’re looking into purchasing custom kitchen cabinets in Perth, contact us today on (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au and our wonderful team will be happy to answer any questions you might have or get you started on your project!

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