How a Cabinet Maker Can Completely Transform Your Home

13 December 2018


When embarking on a renovation project, your list of tradies might feel endless. From carpenters to electricians to builders, it can start to feel like one crowded house. Adding one more might just seem unnecessary, but a cabinet maker can take your house to a whole different level. What is a kitchen without great cabinets? Or a bathroom or laundry? Perth cabinet makers have experience with all types of different homes and apartments. See how the best ones can transform your space.

Create a luxurious kitchen

Cabinets can make or break a kitchen. It is the first thing you notice and one of the things you’ll use the most. They have to function as adequate storage and fit your style. There is nothing more frustrating than cooking in a kitchen without functional cabinets and having to struggle with bad storage and impractical design choices. A kitchen cabinet maker will design cabinets specifically for your room, with your requests in mind.

Perhaps you need your benchtops slightly taller due to your height, or you prefer soft closing drawers because you have young children. In terms of design, there are even options for different colours and finishes for all types of styles. Whether you like bold and daring or traditional and timeless, a cabinet maker should be able to work collaboratively with you on design. There are so many customisation options, so you can design and create a kitchen that is just right for you and your family.

Storage, storage, storage

A common complaint among Perth homeowners is the overall lack of storage in their house. No matter how much or how little space they have, there never seems to be enough space to store all their stuff! A cabinet maker can help with this issue through creative storage solutions. The kitchen is obviously a big problem area, but there are clever new ideas to help maximise kitchen cabinet storage. From wire pull-outs to deeper drawers and over-head cabinets, you can ensure that no area is wasted.

It’s not just in the kitchen that cabinet makers can help. Bathroom cabinets are often overlooked or afterthoughts, but well-designed ones are such a lifesaver. They can help organise all your bits and bobs and keep things off your sink and out of sight. Laundry cabinets are great if you have the space to add them. It is helpful to have all your laundry needs in one place. Finally, we can’t forget about the bedroom. Built-in wardrobes are a game changer for any home. If you’ve never had them before, it is time to see what you’ve been missing.

When you need to hire a Perth cabinet maker, turn to eKitchens for quality, speed, and choice. We are proudly Western Australian and make all our cabinets right here in Perth. We use Australian-made materials and top-of-the-line construction technology. Our website allows you to view our line of products, and you can upload your custom plans to receive a quote. If your ready to transform your home into a functional, beautiful haven, contact eKitchens today!

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