How To Choose The Best Kitchen Sinks - Top 5 Things You Should Know

27 April 2020
Best Kitchen Sinks

Getting the right sink can make all the difference in your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. But with so many options out on the market, it can be hard to figure out the best one for your needs. If you need a bit of guidance, read on for five basic factors to consider when shopping for kitchen sinks.


Choose the Correct Sink Size


Before anything else, consider your kitchen’s overall size. Then, pick a sink size that gives you plenty of room to wash your dishes without taking over your countertop or base cabinet storage areas. You may also want to match the size of your sink to the size of the window above it. After all, it would look strange to have an extra-wide sink installed underneath a skinny window. By keeping the sink’s and window’s sizes consistent, you can make your kitchen look a little more streamlined. You should also think about your usual habits in the kitchen. For example, a super-wide divided-bowl sink can be a great option for people who prefer to wash their dishes by hand. But someone living in a tiny studio apartment may be better served by a smaller kitchen sink instead.


Pick the Right Style

Different sink styles have their own unique characteristics. For instance, farmhouse or apron sinks are large single basins with a distinctive apron front. Unlike other types of sinks, this type of sink can sit slightly beyond the counter line. Another style to consider is the double-bowl sink. It has two separate basins, allowing you to fill one basin with soapy water and use the other basin to rinse dishes with clear water. But if you prefer to have lots of space for washing dishes, you can take a look at drop-in sinks. Also known as self-rimming, or top-mount sinks, these have a visible lip around the perimeter that rests flat on the countertop. Finally, those who want to maximize their countertop real estate may want to get an undermount sink. As the name implies, these are installed below the counter with no visible rim.


Decide on the Depth


Sinks that are less than eight inches deep are best for people who are either very short or very tall. This is because a shallow sink won’t require a shorter person to lean into it to reach items at the bottom. On the other hand, taller people won’t need to hunch over or crouch down for the same reason. On the other hand, a sink that is at least ten inches deep will give you enough space to wash larger dishes without water splashing all over the place. However, a deep sink may make it more uncomfortable to reach for anything at the bottom of it.


Consider the Material


Sinks made of certain materials offer unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel sinks are durable and a breeze to clean, but they’re rather easy to scratch and look washed out after a few years. Meanwhile, enamelled sinks are lightweight, budget-friendly, and come in a variety of colours. However, their thin enamel coating makes them prone to chipping and scratches. Those who want something sturdy, long-lasting, and low-maintenance will want to go with porcelain sinks. Unfortunately, they’re more expensive, are harder to install, and stain or chip more easily compared to sinks made of other materials. Lastly, granite sinks are durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. However, they’re costlier and requires additional installation and support systems due to their weight.


Think About What Accessories You’ll Need


Make sure to consider the extra items that can go with your sink. With the right accessories, you can make clean-up and cooking easier and more efficient. For example, you can invest in sink racks to protect your sink’s base. You can also purchase cutting boards to provide more room for meal preparation. If you want to stay organized, getting a few sink racks and baskets can help maximize countertop real estate. Some sinks even come with faucet holes, allowing you to install soap and lotion dispensers, side sprayers, and filtered water faucets. There are even certain brands of sinks that are designed with integrated accessories. When it comes to customizing your kitchen sink, the customization possibilities are endless.

Keep these five things in the mind while searching for the perfect sink. Before long, you’ll find a selection of kitchen sinks Perth-based homemakers like you would love to install in your kitchen.

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