How To Choose The RIGHT Cabinet Maker

24 June 2021
How to choose the right cabinet maker

Installing your new kitchen can be an over whelming task for many. Whether you don’t have time or you just are not big on DIY projects, sometimes having a professional do it for you is the better option. So you have decided you need to hire a cabinet maker but where do you start? Who do you call? What should you expect? The questions are endless, so we have listed below some tips on how to select a suitable cabinet maker for the job ahead.


Where to look

The world wide web often has the answer to everything these days, you can begin with searching for local cabinet makers and the web will source multiple options for you. Before searching the web though, if you have already ordered the products yourself, a handy tip is to contact the company you have purchased the products from and ask if they have any recommended cabinet makers who have worked with their products before. If the cabinet maker is experienced in handling the products, there is a greater chance they will be more time efficient and know their way around the assembly & installation better. Social media also has some great platforms to help you find some brilliant cabinet makers, just post the question in a related group, and watch the recommendations flow in.


Read the Reviews

Reviews are your best friend, reviews tell you exactly how a client was left feeling after their own experience with the cabinet maker. If a review was posted by another client (good or bad), this shows the client felt strongly enough to write the review so read every word!

Granted there might be an odd negative review but how the cabinet maker handles negative reviews will also help you learn about their personality and professionalism.


Ensure you are comfortable

This is someone you will be welcoming into your home whom you will need to trust and feel comfortable with.

Find a cabinet maker who cares about customer relations, start by giving them a call and have a few questions ready and perhaps ask for a quote, this will show you what their communication skills are like. You want someone who will help you explore different options and try to assist you with achieving what you have in mind, not someone who will make executive decisions without consulting you first. You are going to have questions along the way, its normal and your cabinet maker should be able to happily answer those questions leaving you feeling reassured.


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