How to keep your Kitchen Bench Top Clutter-Free

6 April 2021
How to keep your Kitchen Bench Top Clutter-Free

Our Kitchen Bench Tops always seem to become a dumping zone for our keys and bags alongside our kitchen items such as utensils, appliances and pantry staples. Having a few of these items floating around your kitchen bench top can end up making your kitchen look untidy and disorganised. Here are a few tips to declutter your kitchen bench top and help keep your kitchen organised.


Clear your bench top daily

As simple as this seems, one of the best tips we can give to stop the clutter from building up is to try and tidy your bench top each day. Get in the habit of putting appliances such as toasters away after you use them so they don’t become a permanent fixture on your bench top. If there are items that don’t need to be there, clear them away on a daily basis.    


Install extra shelving or overhead cabinets

Having some extra storage in your kitchen can never go wrong, and will go a long way in helping clear some of the items being left on your kitchen bench top. If you have the room, installing overhead cabinets can create some well needed storage space concealing all your items inside, or hanging floating shelves can have some of your favourite items nearby and ready to go.


Organise your utensils

Hanging your utensils is a great way to keep them organised and off your benchtop. You can install a hanging rod underneath your overhead cabinets or placing hooks in an area that is going to be easily accessible. Another great option for organising your kitchen utensils is keeping them in a cutlery/utensils tray in a drawer close to your cooking area.


Storage for your Spices

Spices are one of those things that seem impossible to store neatly and accumulate very quickly on bench tops, especially the ones you use on a regular basis. There are options such as drawer inserts that can help you store your spices neatly or if you like your spices visible, putting a small shelf near your cooking area where you can line up all your spices. Getting matching jars to put your spices in can help make your spices look like a feature in your kitchen.


Get Creative

You can get creative when decluttering your bench top, think of items such as baskets that not only keep items organised but also look great. Get some shelves or hanging rails that will be a feature in your kitchen while keeping clutter off your bench top.


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