How To Maintain Your New Cabinet Doors

16 November 2017
A Woman Cleaning A Kitchen Cabinet In Perth

There’s nothing like the look of your new cabinet doors after you give your kitchen a facelift. They can make all the difference to the feel of the kitchen and there’s something so satisfying about shiny, pristine cabinetry. However, they need to be maintained correctly so they continue to look good for as long as possible. As experts in cabinet doors Perth, we’re here to share our insider tips on how to keep your new kitchen cabinets looking like, well, new!

Gently does it

If you want your cabinets to last the difference, clean them regularly but don’t get too over- enthusiastic. Stick with cleaning with mild, soapy water with a soft cloth – that’s all it should take to keep your cabinet doors dust and dirt free. Avoid abrasive cleaning products or scourers as this can scratch and damage the surface. Give your cabinet doors a proper clean every week or two to keep them looking their best.

Get onto stains early

After a long day preparing meals in the kitchen, it’s tempting to leave food which has landed on your cabinets until the next day. However, it’s best to clean up any stains early so they don’t have a chance to dry. The longer you leave stains, the harder they are to remove so give them a wipe as soon as they appear.

Address water damage

One of the biggest enemies to your cabinets is water damage. Avoid hanging wet tea towels over your cabinets as over time this can cause damage to the cabinetry and if you spot any issues with water leaking into your cupboard, have the issue fixed quickly so it doesn’t result in long term issues down the track.

Don’t forget the hardware

If you have handles or other hardware attached to your cabinetry, you need to take the time to address accumulated dirt and grime. The easiest way to do this is to unscrew them and give them a proper scrub separately. This not only means you can get rid of accumulated dirt but also prevents you damaging your cabinet doors by accident when cleaning your hardware.

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