How to prepare for your Kitchen Renovations In Perth

28 November 2022
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Are you looking at renovating your Kitchen in Perth? Does it sound like an overwhelming task, and you’re not sure where to start?

You may put so much effort into thinking about your new kitchen and then suddenly the date of your actual renovation sneaks up on you. A kitchen renovation Perth can sometimes be an intense time but with some organisation and planning, the process can go from a stressful experience to an enjoyable and hassle-free one.

To assist in making your Kitchen Renovation in Perth as smooth as possible, here are our tips for preparing for your renovation plans.


Set a budget 

Many homeowners can be hesitant to renovate their kitchen due to the uncertainty of how much a project will cost. A kitchen renovation Perth can be a significant investment, there is no doubt about that, however, if you set a budget prior when planning your renovation, this can assist you to keep the process stress free regarding finances.

Check out our 4 tips to save money on your Kitchen Renovations Perth for some ideas on how to stick within your budget!


Decide - DIY or Professional help?

When planning your new kitchen renovation, after you have decided on your budget you will want to decide whether to do DIY or to hire professional help to revamp your kitchen. Some people will go for a touch of both – for example, a professional could remove your existing kitchen (as this can be the hardest bit!) and then you can install your new kitchen yourself.

When deciding on whether to do DIY or enlist a professional for help, do some research and obtain some quotes from Cabinet Makers in Perth to help you decide whether it is within your budget to hire a professional for your whole job or to only source assistance for part of it.

Researching the tips and tricks for installing your new kitchen will also assist you in deciding which way to go. 


Organise your tradies

Just as in any renovation, you will at the very least need to enlist the help of a plumber and an electrician for your new Kitchen renovation in Perth. Make sure you consider during your planning period, what work you may need done by tradies and give them plenty of notice so they know what will be required. There is nothing worse than realising at the last minute you forgot to book an electrician! Don’t forget to shop around for quotes, and chat with your tradies to ensure you are prepared for what may be required during your improvements.


Order your materials promptly

Sometimes, there will be a long build-up until you finally get the renovation completed. This will definitely come up fast and you don’t want to be waiting on materials to arrive during the time of your renovation. Whether you order through a designer or directly through a website, research production times and prepare for when your Kitchen Renovations Perth should be started.

Although people usually have no problems remembering to order the main parts of your kitchen like benchtops and cabinets. Small items such as handles, or tapware can sometimes be overlooked. Writing a list of every item you will need to replace in your kitchen during your planning stage will help alleviate the risk of forgetting something important while renovating.  


Set up an alternate space 

Kitchens are such an important part of our everyday lives and when you are renovating, it can be eye-opening how much you realise you miss it! Although most people will turn towards takeaway or easy foods to cook on a BBQ during a renovation, you may still want to have a dedicated area that you can use to make your coffee or heat some easy meals up.

Our best suggestion is to set up an area within your home where you can connect the simple appliances (i.e., kettle, toaster, and a microwave) so you still can access some ‘form’ of a kitchen while your kitchen renovations Perth take place. This little semblance of normality may just take the edge off during an inconsistent time.


Pack up the kitchen 

It can certainly be astounding how much stuff we realise we have in our kitchens when we finally start packing them up. What you would imagine should be a two-hour job can sometimes take two days!

When you are preparing for your Kitchen Renovations Perth, start by packing away the non-essential items early to save yourself some time closer to your renovation day. Once you have packed all these items away nice and safe (or cleaned out some of the clutter that is bound to have built up!), remember to keep a box of items that you will use during your improvements, such as cutlery and crockery. These items can be stored safely in your alternate kitchen space to be used whenever needed.

A new kitchen renovation is a fantastic excuse to start over from all the untidiness that may have existed in your old kitchen! When clearing out all the old ‘junk’, you may get some fantastic storage ideas for your new space that would not work with your old kitchen.


Here at eKitchens, we have a comprehensive experience in helping facilitate some of the most incredible kitchen renovations in Perth. Our designers can assist you with preparing for your kitchen renovation and inform you of things you may not have even thought of when designing your brand-new space!

Using our selection of premium 16mm highly moisture-resistant particleboard cabinets, no modular sizes are required, allowing us to customise to your exact requirements! With over 200 colour and finish choices, you will be enjoying a contemporary space and a completely personalised final product. Our cabinets come flat packed or pre-assembled – great for those who decide to do part DIY/part professional help.

To achieve the look, you want and for help preparing for your new kitchen renovations Perth, speak to our friendly team at eKitchens today. Give us a call on (08) 9456 3108 or pop us through an email at

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