Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Ideas for the New Year

10 January 2019
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

Is your New Year’s Resolution for 2019 to renovate the kitchen? For many people across Perth and Australia, a renovation is on the list of to-do’s in this new year. You might have been saving over time to afford this change or you might just go for it and hope for the best. Whatever your plan of attack, the kitchen cabinets are a major component of any kitchen reno. Since trends are constantly changing, it is important to stay on top of what is in fashion. In case you ever sell your home, you want to get the most bang for your buck and they say that kitchens sell houses. Keep reading to learn about some new kitchen cabinet ideas for this year.

Clean Minimalism

While the farmhouse-style dominated Instagram and style blogs everywhere, minimalism is making a comeback in both cabinets and overall design. Detailed and bulky cabinets are out and clean, simple ones are in. Many are opting for no handle cabinets for a crisp and uninterrupted look, which is striking in floor to ceiling cabinetry. Others choose to eliminate the upper cabinets all together and go with completely open shelving. This style looks interesting but can also appeared cluttered and dirty if you aren’t organised. Keep this year simple and easy with a minimalistic cabinet design.

Custom Pantries

Up your storage game with a custom pantry with innovative storage solutions. Most pantry spaces are full of opportunities to maximise storage. Don’t forget to budget some money to renovate this area as part of your overall kitchen renovation. Custom kitchen cabinets can be designed to fit any type of space or room, and they can be fully integrated to match your other cabinets or colour palette. Kitchen storage is precious, so make use of innovative wireware solutions or internal drawers to take advantage of every square metre.

Mixed Materials

It used to be considered a design faux pas to mix different materials in a room (e.g. timber and laminate), but these days anything goes. There is so much more freedom and choice that the options seem endless. Why not have different benchtops on the island? Who says you can’t have kitchen cabinets that are different colours? Even the most safe cabinet choices might look dated in a few years, so go with something you like rather than what you think others will like. Make your kitchen anything you want it to be this year since a renovation isn’t a common occurrence. 2019 is a year to make bold choices, so pick different tones of wood for your cabinets if that makes you happy!

Start Your Renovation

Ekitchens is the site to visit when starting your kitchen renovation. If you’re looking to save money and still get a high-quality product, we have what you need. Our custom flat-pack kitchens are perfect for any type of home and budget. All of our kitchen cabinets are manufactured locally in Perth, and our experienced team can answer any question you might have about the renovation process. Contact us today to get started on your resolution.

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