Kitchen Design Ideas: 2018 Colour Inspiration

16 February 2018
A Colourful Kitchen In Perth

Colour trends change over time and we’re set to see some exciting colour trends for kitchens in 2018. Whether you want to go bold and inject some colour into your cabinetry or splashbacks or simply want to add in some on-trend colourful accessories, there is plenty of inspiration for your kitchen palette. Let’s take a look at the colours which will be making an appearance in 2018!

Two toned effect

As something different this year, you can expect to see more two toned colour schemes in new kitchen designs where the space features contrasting coloured cabinetry.  Although this may sound unusual, when the right colours are chosen then the final product is very effective. Typically, the two toned effect will be achieved by pairing a lighter or neutral colour with a darker or more dramatic tone to achieve the right contrast. You could pair white with navy for a striking look, opt for light and dark shades of grey, or combine rich, autumn tones with neutral beige – the only limit is your imagination!

Vibrant nature inspired tones

In 2018, warm tones inspired by nature are being introduced into many kitchens and these are the perfect choice if you want to enhance the welcoming feel of your space. While the palette is dominated by tones of orange, other colours such as yellows and reds are also popular. This colour scheme often works well with contrasting neutral cabinets or benchtops to add balance. Natural tones are further enhanced by accessories featuring tones of natural timber, copper, brass and rose gold.

Delicate pastels

If vibrant tones don’t suit your style, you can instead opt for pastels which are also popular at the moment. Pastels give you the opportunity to experiment with colour while also maintaining a soft feel in your kitchen. The muted look of pastels is perfect for incorporating colour into your cabinetry with pastel shades of yellow, green and blue all offering a unique look. Pastels can also be used in kitchen design features such as wall paint, splashbacks, lighting and accessories.

All shades of blue

In 2018, it’s going to be all about blue in the kitchen. Navy in particular has been making an appearance in many new kitchen designs. This darker colour may seem like an odd choice for a kitchen but it adds interest and sophistication to the space and fits in with most colour schemes. However, it’s not just navy you’ll be seeing – all shades of blue are set to make an appearance.

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