Kitchen Ideas for a Clutter-Free Kitchen Benchtop

5 January 2018
A Clean & Tidy Modern Benchtop In Perth

Our kitchen benchtops often seem to be a breeding ground for clutter and frequently become a temporary (or permanent!) home for appliance, utensils, pantry items and other kitchen debris.  This accumulation of clutter can leave your kitchen looking untidy and generally disorganised. To help combat this issue, we’ll be sharing our clever tips for decluttering your benchtop.

Clear the bench daily

One of the best tips we can give to stop the clutter from building up is to do a quick tidy each day. Decide what you want to be left out on the bench and if it doesn’t belong, put it away. Without a quick daily clean, it’s easy for things to build up and for temporary items like toasters to become permanent fixtures.

Hang utensils

Utensils such as spatulas and serving spoons are a difficult one – we use them all the time but they can look cluttered if you keep them on the benchtop. A great option is to hang your most used utensils so they’re within easy reach without taking up space. Install a small metal rod underneath your overhead cabinets to hang utensils or place hooks on the side of your cabinets for easy storage.

Use decorative baskets

Baskets not only look great but also keep your benchtop items contained. Commonly used items like wooden spoons can be stored in tall baskets while smaller items such as cooking oils can be stored with great effect in shallow baskets. However, remember not to go basket crazy - just keep the essentials on the benchtop and pack the rest away.

Install some extra shelving

You can never have too much storage in the kitchen and some extra shelves can go a long way to clearing the bench. For example, mounting a small shelf inside the kitchen window or installing floating shelves on the side of overhead cabinets means you can have regularly used items nearby, such as tea making essentials, without them taking up room on the bench.

Add in spice storage

Spices are one of those things that seem impossible to store neatly and they accumulate quickly on benchtops, especially if you use them frequently for cooking. A clever idea is to put a small shelf directly underneath your overhead cabinets where you can line up your spices. Invest in some matching storage jars to make it a real feature.

Get creative

To get things off the benchtop, don’t be shy about getting creative and adding some character. Consider adding some personality by hanging a wrought iron planter on the wall to store fruit or hang a feature metal rail above the benchtop for pots and pans. These ideas get clutter off the benches and also look great!

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