Kitchen renovations Perth - Finding the right suppliers

28 November 2022

Kitchen renovations can be massive projects to take on and can become quite a stressful process so finding the right companies to assist with the projects can be an important factor in keeping the process simple and enjoyable. There is most likely going to be times you want to pull your hair out, so try to find companies that make you feel relaxed and re-assured everything is going to run smoothly while also being 100% honest with you.

When starting a kitchen renovation in Perth you should consider a few key points when looking into your potential suppliers;


Are they custom made?

While it’s not a necessity, if you can find a custom made cabinetry supplier, like eKitchens, to design and manufacture your kitchen, this will make the process a lot easier and give you a lot more freedom to create the dream kitchen you are aiming for. It will allow you to use the space you have and work around that, rather than try and create a kitchen using set sized cabinets and trying to fit them into your space which usually leaves you with wasted, un-utilised areas.


Are they affordable?

A lot of companies in the industry will often add on hidden hefty charges and hit you with quotes way above the standard. Here at eKitchens our quotes are itemised, meaning you can see exactly what you’re paying for on each item and there is no where for any added costs to be hidden.

You don’t need to sell your soul to have a beautiful, designer kitchen. You can create a stunning kitchen made from quality products while remaining within an agreed budget (within reason of course) so be sure to get multiple comparison quotes if you feel like you have been quoted a bit high.


Lead times

Usually when starting a project you will have a rough idea of the timeline for the project and a rough expected completion date. Keep in mind companies also have their own lead times which will play a big part in the completion date of your project, check in with the suppliers to find out what their current lead times are and remember that these lead times are also subject to change at any time, especially in todays industry with the events going on around the world at present.


Other products/services required

During a kitchen renovation there are other products and services such as stone benchtops, appliances, installation and much more that will need to come into consideration. More often than not your cabinetry supplier will have a list of recommended tradesmen who are experienced in assembling and installing their products. They might also have stonemasons and accessory suppliers who can offer a better deal due to their buying power. Always just ask the question, it can’t hurt!

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