Kitchen renovations Perth - Getting Started

30 July 2021

Whether you’re a country style kitchen lover or a sleek, modern kitchen fanatic, the kitchen is often one of your most pride possessions and is personal to the one who uses it. Over time however, the condition of your kitchen may have started to deteriorate or certain aspects of the kitchen might bug you so you start thinking about doing a kitchen renovation…but where do you start?


Consider the aspects of your current kitchen

Have a think about what parts of your current kitchen you love and what parts you dislike. Is the bin where you would ideally like it to be? Is the style of pantry you have suitable for you? Have you got a built in microwave cabinet to get the microwave off the kitchen bench? Maybe the kitchen is too cramped and you could use more bench top space or a breakfast bar. The little things like these are important to consider when planning to do a kitchen renovation. What good would having a beautiful new kitchen be if it is not practical to suit your needs? So aim to keep what you like and alter what you don’t.


Measure your appliances and plan the layout

It is always important to have your appliances selected and measured before designing your kitchen so that you can ensure your appliances will all fit correctly, especially as appliances have specific requirements when it comes to sizes and locations for safety reasons. The last thing you want to do is order your cabinetry and install your stunning new kitchen only to discover the oven or microwave you have since chosen, will not fit where intended. Be sure to read the Specifications thoroughly for each appliance and plan your kitchen to suit the specs accordingly.


Set a reasonable budget

You might plan a 5K budget but have the dreams of a 20k kitchen…this will only end in disappointment. Think about your budget and be reasonable, you need to consider all the aspects of a kitchen renovation such as your plumbing, electrical, manufacturing and installation. You’re not just paying for products, the labour involved will also need to be considered. It can’t hurt to get a few different quotes so that you get a rough idea of the cost of your renovation to begin with and can work out your budget off that. Once you have decided on a budget have a think about what area’s you would be okay with subbing out if your quotes go over the budget you were aiming for. Will you be happy to change from a more expensive product to a more affordable option? Is there any labour you are able to do yourself instead of hiring a trades? Have a plan in place and make your budget known to your trades and designers so they can work around that with you.


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