Laminate Benchtops: Why You Should Consider Them For Your Kitchen

21 June 2019
laminate benchtops

So you’re looking at renovating your kitchen and want to know what’s the best type of benchtop for your style and budget. There’s different types, though, like stainless steel, engineered stone, timber, polished concrete, marble, even granite! It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin, both from the number of choices, but also the enormous price tags. Is it really a necessary sacrifice to spend a lot on this part of your home improvement? Are there other types that you have been overlooking but could actually possibly give the same feel of a professional finish as all the pricer options? Definitely. Don’t discount laminex benchtops from your list of options! This type of kitchen benchtop’s price point is hard to beat, and you’d be surprised at the various styles that you can choose from.


But what is a laminate kitchen benchtop? Basically, it’s made by compressing layers: reinforced plastic, a block of engineered, moisture resistant wood, and a decorative paper sheet, of which provides the laminate with the design and texture that you see on the benchtop. So not only do you have control over the design, you also have a tough surface to work with that can handle your kitchen needs.


Other than this, it’s important to note that despite its inexpensive price tag, laminate benchtops are long lasting as long as you take care of them, making them an economical choice in the long run. They’re also impact resistant, which means that should a heavy object like a full pot or a cast iron skillet be dropped upon the benchtop, it won’t crack so easily, like a material like granite would. It doesn’t soak up water, either, making it so that it won’t warp like a wooden benchtop would over the years, ruining the look.


And because laminates are made with a decorative paper sheet, it’s easy to find a design and finish that will suit your taste. The way that laminex is made means that it comes with a myriad of choices for you to pick from, with hundreds of combinations of colours and finishes that will complete the look your cooking space. If you want to make sure that you get the best for your money, it’s a great idea to look into getting laminate, since not only is it an economical choice, it’s also easy to work with if you decide to DIY!

We have a variety of designs and finishes of laminate benchtops for you to choose from on our site. In three easy steps, you can have your own custom kitchen benchtop delivered straight to your door, pre-cut for your personal use. Or, if you have more specific requests, contact us and together, we’ll find the best style that will work for you and your kitchen.

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