Laminate Kitchen Benchtops – Why should you choose them for your flatpack kitchen?

28 November 2022

A laminate kitchen bench top is an incredibly popular product in today’s market for cheap flat pack kitchens Perth and honestly, why wouldn’t they be? They give the look of other products such as stone or timber but are more affordable and have a much wider range. They are also suitable to be used in all areas of the house including the bathroom, laundry or office as well!

laminate kitchen bench top is produced by compressing layers of reinforced plastic, a block of engineered moisture resistant wood, and a decorative paper sheet, of which provides the laminate with the design and texture of the bench top you see. This manufacturing process provides you with a tough surface to work on and will handle all your kitchen needs.

Whatever colour or style you are dreaming of using in your flat packed kitchen, there is a high chance you will be able to find a laminate kitchen benchtop to achieve the look you are going for. With multiple choices on the radius edges available now, the edges look seamless just like a stone bench top.


Long Lasting

Laminate bench tops are known to be long lasting and water resistant which is why they are very popular for kitchen renovations in Perth. They are well-known for their ability to tolerate the harsh treatment some kitchen bench tops experience and won’t be stain very easily by spills (although darker colours are definitely harder to stain compared to light colours!).  

The non-porous essence of the laminate means it does not absorb harmful bacteria and spread germs easily. A simple wipe down is all that is needed to keep these bench tops clean.

Laminate bench tops also tend to be more crack resistant than stone or porcelain bench tops. Drop a pot on it from a height? No problem! You will find that it would take quite a heavy item, dropped from a good height to cause your laminate bench top to crack.


Pricing is one most tempting reason that laminate kitchen bench tops are used for flat pack cabinets by Perth cabinet makers. Comparing pricing to other popular bench top options (stonetimber, porcelain), you can find a laminate bench top at the fraction of the cost but with a much wider range of options.

Laminate bench tops are also easy to install, meaning you can save some money by installing the tops yourself, or even if you hire someone to install it (like cabinet makers Perth), you will probably find, they will be cheaper than any other alternative.

Custom laminate bench tops are perfect for your custom kitchen cabinets in Perth to keep you within that tight budget (or to let you spend a little over the budget on those next level doors!). If you like the appearance of stone, some laminate bench tops are specially designed to look like stone but will help you avoid that stone price tag.

Thickness and Profiles

The ideal look of your kitchen will be something that you will do everything in your power to ensure it ends up exactly like you envisioned. The bench top is a major part of this final vision and laminate bench tops will help you achieve this.

Laminate bench tops usually come in a 38mm or 33mm thick top, but you will also find some suppliers will offer a 20mm range. When deciding on the thickness of your bench top, you should also consider the edge profile that is available with the colour and thickness you have chosen.

A rounded edge is suggested for laminate bench tops as it ensures the laminate doesn’t crack or split, plus this means they have an appealing edge, sometimes as small as 3mm by 3mm or up to 10mm-by-10mm dependant on brand and colour chosen.

Colour range

Because laminate bench tops are made with a decorative paper sheet (remember earlier how we manufactured them?), it is much easier to find a colour/design and finish that will suit your taste. Hundreds of combinations of colours are finished are ready for your picking.

There are multiple brands of bench tops and within those brands you have multiple finishes. LaminexPolytec, Formica and Duropal are just some of the brands that you will find laminate bench tops are available in. Then we go into the spiral of timber grain, marble, speckled and more!

When deciding on the colour of your laminate kitchen bench top, make sure you take into consideration the colour of your cabinet doors, so that you get not only what is the best for your money, but also the best look overall in your flat pack kitchen. 

So many positives about laminate bench tops, there must be something negative about them? Well, yes, nothing can be perfect! The main negative associated with laminate bench tops is the fact that they can burn quite easily if you have heat too close to them. You can not sit any hot pots or pans directly onto the surface as this will cause the laminate to bubble.


With the large variety of designs and finishes we have available for our laminate kitchen bench tops for you to choose from. In three easy steps, you can have your own custom kitchen bench top delivered straight to your door, pre-cut for your personal use. Or need a whole kitchen? We can provide you with your very own flat pack kitchen cabinets as well as the laminate kitchen bench top.

Here at eKitchens, we can assist specific requests and together, we will find the best design and style for you and your kitchen. Contact us today on (08 9456 3108) or

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