Matching Your Handles to Your Kitchen Style

6 July 2020
Kitchen Handles

Getting the right handles might be the last thing on your mind when building your kitchen. While you busily pick out cabinet door designs and find matching hardware, the part of the store with all the handles might remain unexplored. The truth is, kitchen handles are one of the most used parts of a kitchen. They are indispensable and play a crucial part in how you organically interact with your kitchen's space.

Picking the right handle can indeed be a tricky choice. Because there are so many kinds and finishes, you might find it difficult to decide on the right one. In eKitchens alone, we offer a wide selection of kitchen door handles Perth-based homeowners can choose from. If you’re struggling with choosing, this article for you. Whether it’s about the different kinds of handles or how to choose the right one, you can learn all of this information below.

Different Kinds of Kitchen Handles

Handles are a part of everyday life, and they have an important role in the kitchen. Using the right handle comes naturally, and you won’t even notice them as you prepare food and use items from cabinets and drawers. To pick the right handle, you need to know the selection first. Here are the different kinds of handles you can choose from:

1. Pull-out handles

These handles are the classic. They refer to the elongated bars you find in many kitchens. In terms of design, they can be straightforward (i.e. stainless steel bars) or as ornate as desired. Because they have many variants, they are the go-to handle for several homeowners. Whether you’re opting for a traditional or contemporary look, pull-out handles are one of your top bets.

2. Knobs

Knobs are the small, often circular handles you find at the corner of a cabinet door. Their size and shape make them more ideal for doors rather than drawers, especially if you are opening one in haste. However, these handles fit wonderfully in traditional and vintage kitchens for their old-school feeling. One key downside is that you need to ensure that they are attached properly to the cabinet. Constant usage can also make them loose and get removed more easily over time.

3. Edge profile handles

Edge profile handles are grooved bars attached along the edges of a cabinet. To use this type of handle, you put your fingers in the groove like a lock and pull. These handles are popular among homeowners who are looking for a clean and sleek look—perfect for modern and contemporary homes. They work especially well if you want to make it seem that your cabinets are handle-less. Compared to the previous two handles, they also don’t jut out as much, decreasing the chances of either hitting them or getting caught in them.

4. Customised handles

If you want something more unique or quirky, you can always get customised handles. These handles can come in whatever shape or form you wish. For example, in a Tuscan kitchen, you can use grape-shaped handles for your cabinets. You can even have animal-shaped ones like an owl or a turtle if desired. Just make sure to keep functionality in mind while choosing a design.

5. Handle-less cabinets

Clearly, this is not a kind of handle, but it is most definitely an option for you. Handle-less cabinets have a push-to-open mechanism that allows you to quickly access your items without a handle jutting out. They are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners for their functionality and style. Their key perks include no longer needing to clean them which also erases the risk of them getting removed due to accidents or wear and tear. If you are aiming for a modern look, consider going handle-less.

With this list, you now have a clearer idea of your options. The next step is figuring out which is the perfect one for your kitchen.


Choosing the Right Handle for Your Kitchen

All the handles listed above are useful and stylish with their own advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, no handle is intrinsically better than the other. The main thing you need to consider is how useful and stylish they are in your kitchen. 

Keep the following tips in mind to help you choose the right handle:

1. Consider your kitchen’s theme. 

Some handles fit better in certain kitchen styles than others. For example, a basic stainless steel pull-out handle works better in a modern home compared to a vintage one. If you want to express your quirky personality through your kitchen, consider getting customised handles for your cabinets.

Keep in mind the overall look of your kitchen. Don’t get dazzled by the handle design samples. Just because they look good by themselves doesn’t mean they would look good on your cabinets. Pro tip: if you have ornate cabinets, go for basic-looking handles like knobs. This way, you can help put more visual focus on your cabinet panels’ designs.

2. Choose a handle style.

Keeping your kitchen in mind, take your time with picking out the handle. Don’t just consider the design but its functionality as well. For example, if you have children who play around the house, pick a smoothly finished handle that does not stick out too much. You can also opt for edge profile handles, so kids cannot easily pull open drawers. On the other hand, handle-less cabinets are an excellent choice if you’re a minimalist.

Remember: using handles is second nature. Imagine yourself using them and pick the one that works best with your preferred kitchen setup. 

3. Pick the material and finish.

Similar to how handles have several designs, they are made of various kinds of materials as well. Don’t skimp on the material and think that handles are simply for decoration. As one of the most used parts in the kitchen, they are more prone to wear and tear. Get the best value out of your money by investing in reliable materials. 

As for finishes, the keyword is consistency. Whatever finish you choose for one, apply it to the rest. Make sure that the finish doesn’t clash with the colour scheme. At eKitchens, we have on-site designers you can ask concerning materials and finishes to help you make the right choice.

In the end, just like your kitchen, the right handles are a personal choice. What works for others may not necessarily work with you. Whether you shop online or in-store, keep an eye out for these handles and an open mind for new possibilities in your kitchen.


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