Organising Kitchen Cabinets: More Clever Tips

12 January 2018
Keeping A Modern Kitchen Clean In Perth

We’ve all been in a situation where we continue to haphazardly throw things in the kitchen cabinets, promising that we’ll get organised one day.  Well, the day has arrived! If you’re finding your cabinets an organisational nightmare, it might be time to make some changes. With that in mind, today we’re here to share even more of our tips and tricks for getting those cabinets organised!

Hang your kitchen cleaners

We’re always reaching for kitchen cleaners to help keep our cupboards and benchtops sparkling but so often they’re shoved to the back of the cupboard. For easy access, buy a cheap tea towel bar to slot over the top of your cabinet and hang your regular cleaning sprays.

Put up a notice board

The back of the pantry door is often wasted space so why not put it to use! Hang a small cork board and white board behind the pantry door so you can stick important letters, write your shopping list and generally get organised.

Use wire dividers

Items such as chopping boards and baking trays can be difficult to store – it’s generally a waste of space to lie them flat but they often fall over if stored upright. To make things easier, you can purchase some narrow dividers which keep your items upright and organised.

Get creative with spices

Spices are something we all have in the kitchen but can be difficult to access because there are so many of them. A clever idea is to purchase a small turntable, which are available from most storage stores, and load it with spices so you can spin it around to access various spices in the pantry.

Try a plate rack

If you have a lot of overhead storage space, you can take advantage of it by investing in a plate rack. This allows your plates to be stored upright which looks great and also allows for easy access. Storing plates this way saves room in your lower cabinets and is a better use of space.

Stack your cups and saucers

Cups and saucers are great to drink from if you’re feeling fancy but can be a nightmare to store because they just don’t nest properly. The best way to keep your cups and saucers safe while also using some vertical cupboard space is to place each cup with it’s saucer and stack them on top of each other – easy!

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