Organising Kitchen Cabinets: Storage Tips and Ideas for Cabinets

1 December 2017
Kitchen Cabinets For Storage Tips In Perth

Let’s be honest – sometimes our kitchen cabinets can be a mess. We often start out with good intentions but over time, our cabinets become less and less organised until it’s difficult to know what you even have in there. Having well organised cabinets can make such a difference to your kitchen so today, let’s take a closer look at how to organise kitchen cabinets as efficiently as possible.

Pull everything out

One of the best kitchen cabinet organisation ideas we can give you is to take everything out.  This will allow you to see exactly what you have and to de-clutter before you put everything back. You’d be surprised at how many things you have hiding in the back of your cabinets that you just don’t use. After taking everything out and having a look, chances are that you’ll have far less to put back in!

Arrange by frequency of use

If you’re forever diving into the back of your cabinets to pull out dishes and crockery, simply rethinking where everything goes in your cabinets can make a big difference. Start by putting items that you rarely use right at the back, items you sometimes use in front of them and the items you use daily front and centre. This makes accessing the items you use regularly a whole lot easier.

Storage solutions

Sometimes some smaller storage baskets are all it takes to make your cabinets much more user friendly. For example, your items below the sink can be kept much more organised if you invest in some wire baskets for your sponges, dishwashing liquid and other cleaning products. You can also buy some small, removeable shelves so you can stack things above existing items and this a great option to utilise the top section of your cabinets. If you have a heap of drink bottles (very likely if you have kids!) then buy some white magazine holders– they tend to be the perfect size for three or four drink bottles and you can get to them easily!

Nest your containers

Most of us have that cupboard of plastic containers that’s always overflowing. To dramatically minimise the space your containers take up, stack them within each other. When it comes to the lids, you can either keep them in a neat pile next to the containers or use one of your existing plastic containers to keep them confined. It’s not just plastic containers that can be stacked – you can also think about nesting items like your larger dishes and various mixing bowls.

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