Our Top Tips for Small Kitchen Renovations

20 July 2017

If you’re looking into kitchen renovations in Perth but are worried that you won’t get the effect you want due to the small space you’re working with, you don’t need to worry. No matter what size kitchen you have, you can make your limited space look amazing with your renovations. Today, we’ll be sharing our top tips for creating a gorgeous small kitchen renovation.

Choose light colours

One of the best ways to open up a small kitchen is to opt for a light, bright colour scheme when you’re choosing cabinets and benchtops for your renovations. White is a timeless choice which not only adds the illusion of space but also dates well so you don’t need to worry having to update too soon. If you’re worried that you’ll get bored of a neutral colour scheme, remember that you can always accessorise with splashes of colour.

Use your space wisely

Limited space can also mean limited storage so make sure you optimise the space you have when installing your new cabinets. Pull out drawers are a great option as it makes it much easier to access kitchen items instead of having to deal with inaccessible corners in your cupboards. Drawers offer a sleek look as well as being highly functional.

Think about removing walls

If you’re dealing with a very small kitchen, renovations are the perfect time to think about removing a wall or two to open up the space. Make sure you get professional advice to see which walls are load bearing but, even then, you can often remove a portion of the wall to really open up the space.

Let in natural light

It’s all about light when it comes to small kitchens so consider the best way to let in natural light with the layout of your new kitchen. Removing bulky overhead cabinetry is often a good start and, if it’s in the budget, you can install a skylight to really increase the amount of light in the area.

Look for custom measurements

Although bigger kitchens may be able to get away with set sized cabinets, a few centimetres can make all the difference to a small kitchen. After all, you don’t want the area to be too cramped with too-big cabinets but you also need to have enough space for storage. For this reason, always choose cabinets which can be customised to suit your space perfectly so everything fits nicely.

At eKitchens, we provide a range of items for kitchens in Perth and across Australia. Our custom kitchen cabinets are made to your exact measurements and come either flat packed or fully assembled. We also provide benchtops and other kitchen accessories to complete the look. With over 200 colours and finishes to choose from, you’ll be able to find a look that perfectly suits your space.

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