Popular trends in Kitchen Cabinets in Australia and Worldwide

13 December 2018

The kitchen is not just the heart of the home. It is also the storyteller. Upon entering any house, the state of the kitchen can tell you a lot about the people who use it. You can generally determine what year the kitchen was built or redone, how much it is used - if at all, whether it is an entertaining space or a forgotten alcove. Trends in kitchens seem to move very slowly and then change all at once. Looking back at kitchens from the early 2000’s is shocking by today’s standards, while the vintage look is new again. With 2018 coming to a close, we’re looking at some of the most popular trends in kitchen cabinets in Australia and worldwide.

Bold colour choices

For a long time, kitchen cabinets seemed to only come in the same variations of wood tones. While the old standards like white remain, colour has made a wonderful come back to popularity. There are so many more options and styles to personalise your space. We’re seeing beautiful greens and blues and even vibrant reds and yellow cabinets. With our laminated cabinet range, you can choose from almost 200 different colours.

Open shelving

Wall cabinets are standard in most kitchens, but open shelving has definitely taken the world by storm over the last few years. Aesthetically it is nice to look at and can make the room feel more spacious. They allow you to display your goods and give you easy access to all your things. There are also ways to incorporate both open shelving and regular cabinets for an interesting contrast.

Benchtop variation

Granite was once the king in benchtop choices, but new and different materials are starting to work their way into popularity. In the USA, quartz is becoming increasingly used to create a high-end luxury look. This is due to its durability and variation in appearance. It can look like marble and can be a range of different colours. In Australia, concrete benchtops create an industrial, raw look and timber benchtops are a natural alternative that are always stylish.

Mix and match cabinetry

You no longer need to feel tied to just one type of cabinet. People are changing it up with different island styles and different colours throughout their kitchen. Be wary of overdoing it, but a little risk sometimes pays off. In the UK, the trend of multiple coloured cabinets is gaining traction. Some kitchens have dark cabinets on the bottom and light cabinets on the wall or vice versa. Some are mixing textures and materials with woods and stones or metals. With eKitchen’s online ordering tool, you can choose and mix different colours and styles however you see fit.

If you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets in Perth, turn to eKitchens to get the job done right. We provide everything you need for your renovation. From flat pack cabinets to benchtops, accessories and more. Our kitchen cabinets are made with Australian materials and assembled in Perth WA. To learn more, contact us at (08) 9456 3108 or sales@ekitchens.com.au.

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