Preparing for Your Kitchen Renovations In Perth

26 December 2017
A Kitchen Renovation In Perth

After you’ve put so much effort into thinking about your new kitchen, it’s easy for actual date of your renovation to sneak up on you. It’s true that a kitchen renovation can feel overwhelming at times but with a little organisation, the process can be smooth and hassle free. To try and make things as painless as possible, we’ll be sharing our tips for getting ready for your new kitchen.

DIY or professional help

Make the call early on if you’re going to tackle the renovation yourself or are going to enlist some professional help. A lot of people go for a bit of both – for example, you can get your kitchen gutted by a professional as this can be the most labour intensive part and then install the cabinets yourself.

Order your materials early

With such a long build up to finally getting your renovation done, you don’t want to be waiting on materials. Although people often have no issue remembering to order bigger items such as cabinets and benchtops ahead of time, it’s the smaller accessories such as tapware and handles which can be overlooked. Write down an inventory of every item you’ll need and order within plenty of time.

Line up your tradies

With any kitchen renovation, at the very least you’ll need a plumber and electrician. Make sure you consider ahead of time what work you’ll need to get tradies in to do and give them plenty of notice so they know what’s required. You don’t want to realise at the last minute that you’ve forgotten to organise your plumber!

Pack up the kitchen

It’s amazing how much stuff we have in the kitchen and what you thought was going to be a two hour job can sometimes take two days. Start packing away non-essential kitchen items as early as possible to save yourself time down the track. Remember to keep a separate box of items you use all the time, such as basic crockery and cutlery, so you have access to everyday items during the renovation.

Set up a temporary space

Although most people turn to takeaway during the renovations, you still want to be able to make a cup of tea and heat things up. Set up an area somewhere in the house where you can connect appliances such as the kettle, toaster and microwave so you still have access to some semblance of a kitchen while the renovations take place.

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