Pro’s & Con’s of laminate kitchen benchtops

28 November 2022
benchtop image

Laminate kitchen benchtops are an incredibly sought after product, and why wouldn’t they be? They are exceptional in the sense they can give you the look of other products such as stone or timber but are a lot more affordable.

Laminate kitchen benchtops have evolved so much over the years and are now an incredible product that is a lot more durable these days and still looks stunning. Whatever the colour/style you have in mind, chances are you will be able to find a laminate kitchen benchtop that can achieve that look for you. You also get the option of radius edges instead of the old square laminate edge meaning the edges look seamless like they would on a stone benchtop. These benchtops are also suitable for areas such as the bathroom, laundry or office as well.

With all these positives, what are the negatives? You’re probably thinking. Well, the main negative associated with laminate kitchen benchtops would be the fact they can get burnt if you have heat too close to them. You are not able to sit any hot pots or pans directly on the surface as this will cause heat damage. The product can also scratch/chip if there is harsh treatment to the benchtop and if the benchtop around the sink or joins are not sealed fully, if water gets into that area this will cause water damage to the benchtop and it will swell in that area.


We still think laminate kitchen benchtops are a great choice, especially if stone is out of your price range. You just need to be cautious about these couple of downsides with laminate kitchen benchtops once you have them installed.


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