Small Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

14 November 2017

It’s often difficult to strike the right balance between getting the results you want in your small kitchen renovations and staying within your budget – after all, it’s so easy to get carried away! Luckily, if you’re looking into small kitchen renovations Perth there are some easy ways to transforming your space into an area you’ll love while also sticking to a budget. Let’s take a look at some of our top tips.

Think about important features

If you’re on a budget, chances are you won’t be able to afford top of the line products throughout the kitchen. Instead, have a think about the most important aspects of the kitchen that you want to spend money on and you can then save on other aspects. For example, you may splurge on those glass splashbacks but opt for a laminate benchtop to offset that cost.  

Save on tradies

A lot of the cost with kitchen renovations comes from getting various tradies in. In most cases, you’ll need a plumber and electrician at the very least to help you out. To save money on tradies, you can avoid expensive labour costs by leaving the electrics and plumbing where in their existing positions with the new renovation. Of course, there are times when they’ll need to be moved, but leaving your electrics and plumbing where they are can save a lot on labour.

Look for flatpack options

If you’re not afraid of a little DIY, flatpack cabinetry options can be a great way to save some money. Even if the cabinets are custom sized, if you can find a company who provides them as a flatpack then you’ll get much more value for your money. Before you commit to purchasing flatpack cabinets, just make sure you check that they are relatively easy to assemble – the last thing you want is to be struggling with a complicated assembly system.

Make smart choices

Although it’s important to stick within your budget, remember that you don’t want to be disappointed with the final product. Shop around for value but don’t compromise on the look you’re after. For example, if you choose set size cabinets over custom cabinetry, it could make the space look odd as it simply doesn’t fit right. Instead, look for items you love that still fit within your budget so you get the best of both worlds.

At eKitchens, we can help with your kitchen renovations with our range of custom DIY cabinets which will fit your space perfectly. Manufactured from quality 16mm High Moisture Resistant Particle Board, our cabinets come in a range of colours and finishes. Our cabinets are made for easy assembly for the DIY renovator and we also offer the convenience of having your cabinets pre-assembled so your new cabinets will be in place before you know it.

For kitchen renovations Perth WA, contact eKitchens today and make an appointment to meet with one of our designers.

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