Styling Your Kitchen With Your Cabinet Doors

12 June 2020
Styling Your Kitchen

When it comes to styling your kitchen, cabinets should be one of your top priorities. It’s easy to forget about them when checking out appliances and other kitchenware, but cabinets are integral to your kitchen vision. Running from the ceiling to the floor, they are the first ones to catch your eye when you enter the room. Indeed, the right cabinets will flow seamlessly with the rest of the house and give off the feeling that you desire.

If your home already has cabinets in place, don’t worry. You don’t need to spend a lot of money removing and reattaching new cabinets. Instead, you can work with what you have and simply change the doors. At eKitchens, we have a wide variety of cabinet doors Perth-based homeowners can choose from—whether in colour, style, or texture.


If you’re not familiar with cabinet doors or if you’re having trouble choosing the right kind for your kitchen, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of popular door styles and what kind of kitchen design they match best. Make your kitchen goals more attainable by knowing the right kitchen cabinet door for your home.

Customising Your Cabinet Doors

There is an endless number of designs and styles of cabinet doors available in the market. To help narrow down your options, try to visualise your dream kitchen as concrete as possible. To develop a clearer idea of your kitchen goal, consider the following things:

  • Colour. When deciding colour, consider what you want your kitchen to feel like. Neutral tones are popular among homeowners because they match any type of mood and several kitchen designs. Consider your favourite colour as well and find a way to incorporate it into your kitchen design.

  • Door style. The door style refers to the exterior design of the cabinet. Depending on the style, each can emit different kinds of mood and energy.

  • Door type. This comprises the structural aspect of a cabinet door. It refers to how a door is attached and fitted into a cabinet. For example, you can opt for your doors to be inset (within the cabinet frame) or overlaid (hanging outside through hinges).

  • Functionality. Handles and bars are staples on doors, but if you’re a minimalist, there are handle-less options as well. Moulded finger pulls and push-to-open mechanisms are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who prefer a modern kitchen style.

With a more concrete idea of what you want, you can save time and money on avoiding choices that don’t fit your kitchen vision.

Choosing a Door Style

1. Shaker

The shaker cabinet is the classic. It is the most widely available and used kind of door style out there. It is characterised by a flat panel with slightly raised thick rectangular borders. While not the most elegant, its clean and simple lines make it weave in effortlessly in any kind of kitchen style. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional, modern, or transitional look, a shaker cabinet’s got your back. Aside from that, it is also one of the most affordable styles in the market, which is useful if you’re working with a tight budget.

2. Flat or slab

Flat cabinet doors are exactly what it says. However, don’t let the lack of designs fool you into thinking that they are too simple. Flat cabinet doors emit an air of modernity, cleanliness, and even maturity, which is perfect if you’re a minimalist. Because they don’t have grooves, they are easier to clean and maintain. They work well in modern kitchen styles, giving the space a sleek look.

3. Raised panel

The raised panel cabinet door is one of the most elegant styles you can afford. You can identify it by the bulge in the centre of the panel and the grooved framework. The framework often comes in a rectangular shape, but there are other shapes available depending on the supplier. This style declares elegant craftsmanship, no matter what your desired kitchen design is. While often used in rustic homes, they also work well in traditional and contemporary kitchens.

4. Recessed panel

The recessed panel is the opposite of the raised panel. It has raised (often rectangular) borders and a deep, inset centre. Just like the former, it also creates an air of sophistication in the kitchen, featuring deep shadows and sharp angles. These features not only make it timeless but also allows it to fit in virtually any kind of kitchen you can imagine. Whether you want a traditional or modern style, consider taking a look at recess panel cabinet doors.

5. Glass

If you want something more luxurious, nothing looks classier than glass cabinets. Whether it is a mirror or a cabinet, glass makes spaces look bigger. In the kitchen, these doors feature a panel border with glass set in the centre. While the price tag is heftier compared to other styles, they are great for displays. Glass cabinets work best in traditional and transitional kitchens. If you prefer these designs and have beautiful china and decorative kitchenware to show, glass cabinets might be the door style for you.

6. Custom

If the previous styles are not really up to your taste, try having your cabinet doors customised. Some suppliers and companies offer custom-moulded doors, which allows you to choose the shapes, grooves, and accessories for your kitchen. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to exercise your creativity and create a truly unique kitchen. Depending on your kitchen goals, you can alter the design however you want.

Overall, designing your kitchen is a personal task that reflects both your personality and goals. Draw inspiration from kitchen models and keep researching the type of kitchen you would like. Choosing a door style is only one of the many steps in creating the perfect space for you to cook, eat, and share food with others. A space worth all the effort—partner with us and let us help you find the perfect doors for your kitchen cabinets.


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