Tips for purchasing kitchen cabinets online

3 June 2021
Tips for purchasing kitchen cabinets online

Online shopping has quickly become the go to option when looking to purchase and compare goods, all while in the comfort of your own home. You can actually buy all your kitchen cabinets online as a quick and easy way to get your renovations started. There may be a few questions you have when looking to buy cabinets online, so here we go through things to keep in mind when purchasing cabinets online.


Look for customised options

When you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry you don’t want to cause more headaches by having to modify and adjust cabinetry onsite. Custom cabinetry let you create a final product that fits your space perfectly. Just remember to check over all your measurements before placing your order to ensure the cabinets will fit in your space once they arrive.


Quality Materials

Make sure you look into the materials that your cabinetry and doors are made out of, just because your ordering online doesn’t mean you cant get a good quality product. Look for materials that are HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) given that the kitchen can be a wet area. Its also good to check if the cabinets include fixings to screw the cabinets together as well as soft close hinges and drawers. If you settle for poor quality products, it could be a waste of money in the long run.


Easy DIY assembly

Getting easy to assemble cabinets can make your whole renovation go smoothly. You don’t want to be stressing after spending hours just trying to make sense on how to assemble your first cabinet. You want a product that is quick and straight forward to assemble. Make sure you can contact the company you have purchased your cabinetry from, so if you have any questions along the way they can help you with the process.


Check delivery times

There’s nothing more disappointing then ordering cabinets online only to discover that you aren’t going to receive your order for weeks, or even months. It’s a good idea to find out how long your order will take so you can plan your renovation timeline. You don’t want to remove your kitchen then to find out you wont receive your new cabinetry for another month, leaving you with no kitchen and the contents of your cabinets scattered around your home.


At eKitchens, you can buy custom kitchen cabinet online for total convenience. We also have designers that can help you through the process to ensure you get your dream kitchen. Our cabinets are easily assembled and have mortise and tenon connection for a more durable product. Contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108 or

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