Tips for starting your Kitchen Renovations Perth

9 March 2021
Tips for starting your Kitchen Renovations Perth

There are a lot of factors that go into your Kitchen Renovation, and its easy for the renovation date to sneak up on you. Its true that a Kitchen Renovation can feel overwhelming at times but with a little organisation the process can be smooth and hassle free. Here are a few tips to try and make organising your Kitchen Renovation as painless as possible.


Set your Budget from the start

It can be very easy to get carried away with you Kitchen renovations and end up with all these additional expenses you cant really afford. To avoid overspending, do the math ahead of time and set yourself a budget to stick to throughout the renovation process. Make sure to prioritise your budget and not forget about things like your plumbing and electrics.


Decide if you’re going to DIY or hire a professional

This decision may be best to make early on, whether you’re going to tackle the renovation yourself or if hiring a professional may be the best option for you. Sometimes a bit of both can work, you may need someone to remove all the cabinets and gut your kitchen and you can then install the new cabinetry yourself.


Get some Kitchen Inspiration

Throughout the whole Kitchen renovation there are going to many decisions to make, having ideas and inspiration will help with your choices and make sure you’re going to achieve the overall look you want. Keep in mind, its not just about the aesthetics, make sure you are getting good quality cabinets that stand up to everyday use. Going into showrooms are also a great idea to give you ideas, you may end up loving a colour scheme you would of never thought of.


Think about design/layout

Take a step back from your current kitchen and make note of the things you do/don’t like, this will be your starting point when designing your new kitchen. When your designing your kitchen you want to make sure its functional and ticks all the boxes for what you need. Make sure to include plenty of storage, think about the appliance you have and where you’re going to store them or if your going to have a specific cabinet for your microwave rather then having it taking up bench space. Don’t forget to think about lighting when going through your renovation as this can make a huge difference.


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