Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Door Trends in 2020

22 March 2020
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If there’s anything in your kitchen that makes the biggest visual impact, it would be the cabinets. Sure, sleek, shiny appliances and a colourful backsplash can also catch someone’s attention. Nevertheless, your kitchen cabinets are arguably the biggest contributor to the overall look of your kitchen. Specifically, the kitchen cabinet doors draw the eye and ties all the design elements together.


It’s no wonder that designers and cabinet makers keep an eye on the latest trends for kitchen cabinet doors. They’re easy to update with various colours, finishes, and hardware, which then transforms the look of the entire kitchen. Changing the look of your kitchen cabinet doors is more affordable, too. It’s certainly an appealing design project if you’re on a budget.

If you’re looking to update your own kitchen, below is our top 10 list kitchen cabinet door trends to watch this 2020.



Sustainability is not only a trend in fashion and technology. It’s also slowly making its way into the realm of furniture and cabinetry. After all, the modern consumer is now actively looking for more eco-friendly brands and products that use sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices. Cabinet makers are definitely stepping up, with cabinet doors made from recycled and upcycled materials. Finishes and paints made through low-emission processes and emit less harmful fumes are also gaining more popularity.


Pops of Colour

Some homeowners think of the walls when they want to add a splash of colour to their kitchen. However, it’s actually better to update the colour of your kitchen cabinet doors. Again, they’re the first to be noticed and have the biggest visual impact. Therefore, the new colour will be more noticeable on your kitchen cabinet doors. What’s great is that it’s simpler to repaint or refinish kitchen cabinet doors compared to repainting or retiling an entire wall. As such, you shouldn’t be afraid to be more adventurous when it comes to colour, pattern, and design. If you change your mind, you can change things easily.


Dark Cabinet Doors

On the other end of the spectrum, dark cabinet doors are also a trend to watch this 2020. Dark colours add drama and impact to any space, including kitchens. Black is a favourite, obviously, but you can also go with other dark shades. Try a deep forest green or navy blue, or even dark grey if you don’t want to paint your kitchen cabinet doors black. If you have natural wood cabinet doors, try staining them a dark rosewood or ebony.


Open Shelving with Deep Drawers

Another kitchen cabinet door trend in 2020 is doing away with doors completely. Having open shelving allows one to showcase their collections, such as antique cookware or vintage glassware. Open shelves also contribute to an airy look that’s suited for smaller spaces. Note that the no-door style applies only to upper cabinets. For the lower cabinets, the trend is to have large and deep drawers to compensate for the lost storage space. Below-the-counter appliances such as drawer-type microwaves are gaining popularity as well.


Clean-Looking Cabinets

For those who still prefer to have upper kitchen cabinets, the trend is to have a sleeker, cleaner look. Do away with crown mouldings or other decorative elements. Doing so creates a more polished appearance and also provides you with a bit more storage space. Without crown mouldings, it’s also easier to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.


Glass Cabinet Doors

Are you hesitant to part with your upper cabinets but also want to put your dinnerware on display? Another trend to consider would be glass cabinet doors. They lend your kitchen a modern touch and make the space look a little more open. For something more muted, you can choose frosted glass instead of clear. You can also try simply patterns like waves or lines.


Gold Hardware

For a touch of sophistication, you may want to consider this 2020 kitchen door trend: gold hardware. Instead of the late-20th-century high-shine trend, however, modern gold hardware is on the muted side with brushed or matte finishes. You can also mix-and-match what the pieces of hardware are made of, if you want. For example, you can pair matte gold hardware with stainless steel appliances or brushed chrome fixtures. If you’re a bit hesitant to try some sparkle, there are a lot of slim and small styles of cabinet hardware to ease you in.


No Hardware

Minimalism is a huge trend in kitchens in 2020. Thus ditching the hardware on your kitchen cabinet doors is also a big thing. Without any visible hardware, your kitchen cabinet doors will look sleeker and cleaner. Some of the best ways to get rid of kitchen door handles and pulls include clever cut-outs and press-to-release mechanisms.


Walnut Cabinets

For a rich, warm kitchen, walnut cabinets and cabinet doors are the “in” thing for 2020. Walnut has long been a popular choice for furniture. Through the years, it has also been established as a great hardwood for kitchen cabinetry. Walnut is a hardy, durable wood, perfect for a busy kitchen. If you don’t have the budget for the real thing, you may also opt for vinyl-wrapped doors with a walnut colour and pattern.


Two-Tone Cabinet Doors

For stunning visual contrast and depth, a popular 2020 trend is having two-tone cabinet doors. The obvious choice here is black and white, but you can also try a monochromatic palette. In short, you shouldn’t be limited to one light and one dark colour. You may also want to vary the pattern. Instead of white upper cabinet doors and black ones on the bottom, try alternating the colours of a row of doors or layers of cabinets.


When it comes to redecorating, don’t just focus on your living room or bedroom. Your kitchen has a lot of potential, too. As you’ve seen on this list, your kitchen cabinet doors can make a style statement all on their own. Get in touch with trusted cabinet makers. Whether you’re still making up your mind or you’re already set on a trend, they can help make your kitchen cabinet visions come true.

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