Top 4 2018 Colour Trends For Your Kitchen Cabinets

6 April 2018
Colourful Kitchen Cabinets By Ekitchens In Perth

For a tired looking kitchen, it often doesn’t take a full renovation to inject some life back into the space. Instead, simply replacing the cabinets can give your kitchen a whole new look. But what colour should you choose? If you’re looking to update your kitchen with new painted cabinet doors, let’s take a look at the current colour trends which we’re seeing in 2018 kitchen designs.


1.Dramatic navy

Blue was a popular colour choice in 2017 and continues to be making an appearance in kitchens this year. In 2018, navy has been very on trend and you can expect it to continue to appear as a cabinet colour during kitchen updates. Navy offers a sense of drama and is perfect if you want to add some interest into your kitchen but don’t want to resort to bright colours. Navy helps make your cabinets stand out without overwhelming the space and it offers a sense of sophistication.


2.Earthy tones

This season, the palette is leaning towards earthy tones of red, oranges, browns and yellows. These colours can add warmth and vibrancy to your kitchen and look amazing when combined with natural materials and textures such as wood or metal highlights. The autumn tones this season make your kitchen feel inviting and from a colour psychology perspective are the perfect choice as the warmer colours improve mood and increase appetite. If you feel like these colours are too much for all of your cabinets, they look great when combined with tones of grey.


3.Classic neutrals

It should come as no surprise that neutral cabinets are still on the radar for 2018 – neutral tones have a classic appeal and won’t date as the years go on. This year, the more modern shades of grey have been combined with traditional beige for a sophisticated feel. The great thing about choosing this ‘greige’ colour for your cabinets as that the hue can be adjusted according to your style. Adding more grey will give cooler undertones while adding more beige will gives more warmth.


4.Two toned cabinets

When to comes to colour trends this year, the two toned look for cabinets has been appearing in a lot of designs. This allows you to integrate some colour into your kitchen without it taking over and you typically combine a darker colour with a lighter one. For example, you could opt for white lower cabinet and pair them with earthy toned upper cabinets for a striking contrast. You can be as bold or subtle as you like with the colour choices – it’s all about your own personal style.

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