Top 4 Essential Accessories for Your New Kitchen

8 October 2018

When you’re planning your new kitchen, a lot of the planning goes into the cabinetry and benchtops. After all, your cabinets not only offer the practicality of storage space but also tie together the whole aesthetic of the kitchen. However, it’s not just about the cabinetry and benches and there are a whole range of additional accessories, such as the trusty kitchen sink, which are essential additions to your space. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have accessories you need to think about when designing your new kitchen.


1.Kitchen sink

Yes, the trusty kitchen sink is an obvious addition to your kitchen if you’re giving it a facelift. Even if you think your existing sink looks ok, remember that it can look pretty shabby when you have your new cabinetry in place. If you’re updating your cabinets and benchtops, think about a new sink too. The type you choose will depend a lot on the size of your kitchen – large spaces could handle a double sink and drainer while a smaller kitchen may be better with a single sink without the drainer.


2.Hinges and drawer closers

You might not have given much thought to your hinges and we don’t blame you – it’s not nearly as exciting as some of the other items you get to choose! However, you need to pay attention to the hinges you choose so your cupboards close smoothly. Look for good quality hinges which are soft closing for less noise and caught fingers. If you opt for drawers, you should also ensure that they’re soft closing.

3. Hardware

Never underestimate the impact the handles of your cabinet doors has on the final look of your kitchen. Remember to match your hardware to the specific style of your space. For example, in a modern design you want to opt for sleek, streamlined designs in chrome or stainless steel. For the more classic look, black or brass handles can look very effective.



The splashbacks of your kitchen are there for an obvious reason – they protect your wall from moisture and food splashes. However, they also look great so have some fun with the look. While tile and glass splashbacks are popular, they can also be pricey. If cost is an issue, you can get stunning splashback panels which are a cheaper option but still look great.

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