Top 5 Benefits to Choosing Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

28 December 2017
Ekitchens Flat Packed Kitchen Cabinets In Perth

Whether you’re thinking of updating your kitchen cabinets or going for a full scale renovation, flat pack kitchen cabinets are a great option and continue to be a popular choice across Australia. If you’re not sure whether you want to give flat pack a try, we’re here to share why you should consider this option for updating your kitchen cabinets.

1.Easy to assemble

It’s true that some flat pack kitchen cabinets are more complicated than others when it comes to installation but if you choose the right company, installation should be simple and straightforward. As long as you’re handy with a drill and screwdriver, it shouldn’t be too difficult to have your cabinets set up and ready to go in no time. If you’re really not up for the challenge, you can also hire a carpenter to do the set up for you.

2.Convenient to transport

While it’s true that there’s less work with the set up of pre-assembled kitchen cabinets, it can be very difficult to manoeuvre bulky cabinets throughout the house. With flat packed cabinets, you can easily and safely take your cabinets exactly where they need to go in the house and set them up on the spot. The ease of transport makes flat packed cabinets particularly helpful if you have narrow doorways or live in an apartment which involves going up stairs.

3.Cost effective

The flat pack option is highly cost effective as you’re not paying for the labour involved with a factory assembling the cabinets for you. For this reason, flat pack is the perfect option if you’re transforming your kitchen on a budget and the money you save on cabinets can be used for other items in your new space.

4.Custom options

Just because you choose flat packed kitchen cabinets doesn’t mean you’re restricted to modular sizes. Many companies these days are manufacturing completely customised flat packed options so you get the best of both worlds – the cost effectiveness and convenience of flat packed cabinets while also having a product which perfectly fits your space.

5.High quality

Gone are the days where flat packed kitchen cabinets were synonymous with poor quality. These days, there are flat packed options which are made from high quality materials for a long lasting product and are just as well constructed and durable as the pre-assembled options.

At eKtichens, we specialise in providing custom measured cabinets to perfectly fit your space. Our cabinets come flat packed for easy assembly and are the perfect option for builders, carpenters or the DIY enthusiast. Our flat packed cabinets are made with mortise and tenon construction and minimal fixings so you don’t need to worry about complicated assembly. Make an appointment to visit our showrooms to view our range.

For customised flat pack kitchen drawers, contact eKitchens today on (08) 9456 3108.

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